Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dodgers get one hit, win ballgame

Clayton Kershaw dominated the Giants, making them look like a weak-hitting club. Oh, that's right, they are a weak-hitting club. Speaking of weak-hitting clubs, the Padres scored five runs in four games against the Giants in San Diego. They've scored thirteen in two games in Colorado. I'll let other people figure that out. In twelve September contests, the 8-4 Giants have scored 35 runs. The pitching has been great, only allowing 21 runs. They've pulled off a neat World Cup hat trick with three 1-0 games in the last four. Two were losses, though. That takes the shine off things a bit. The Dodgers even the season series at eight games apiece with two to play. The 81-64 Giants are 1-1/2 games back of the 82-62 Padres who are 3-1/2 ahead of the 79-66 Rockies. The Giants are also 1-1/2 back of the 83-63 Braves in the Wild Card.

The loss of team talisman Andres Torres is a huge blow. Tonight Aaron Rowand played CF and batted 8th, while Cody Ross led off and played RF. I've had my fill of Jose Guillen, so I was happy to see Ross get the start. He and Rowand are the best fielders other than Torres, and should definitely be out there. Rowand is in the 8th spot for a reason, and I hope he stays there. Someone--I hope it can be Ross--has to fill Torres' shoes. I'm not sure about hitting leadoff, though. Then again, I can't think of anyone else.

Matt Cain tomorrow. Let's score some runs.




Anonymous said...

I really think the Giants just want to hang around the Pads for the next couple weeks and then sweep their way to the NL West title.

Anonymous said...

In games like this you have to find a way to scrap up a run. At least that would take the game to extra's where we would have a good chance. At least a better chance than just a flat out 1-0 loss. When you start hitting batters and walking them around the bases, that is when errors are made.

Zo said...

Ummm,Nate Shierholtz is probably the best fielder besides Torres. Whom do you think you are, John Shea? Meanwhile, Joe Torre was quoted in the Chronic as saying that "Our job is to wreck havoc with the contending teams." And just how much havoc did you wreck with San Diego last time they were in LA, Joe? Fuckbox.

Brother Bob said...

I'm glad the Rockies lost a couple of games. I just wish someone else had beaten them.
Tonight we'll clobber the Doggers. Now that Cain has had a taste of Dogger blood, he won't be able to get enough of it.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Zo, you're right about Nate. I guess I overlooked him because, well, Ol' Boch will probably never give him a start. Rowand, for all his failings, is a solid fielder. Ross has some speed and looks like he can cover some ground.

Man, we need Torres back.