Sunday, September 5, 2010

Giants shutout LA, one back of SD

Jonathan Sanchez showed the Dodgers no mercy tonight, throwing 7 shutout innings and allowing only 3 hits and one walk while racking up 9 strikeouts. It was another brilliant effort (Game Score 79) by the inscrutable southpaw, and it came on the right night as LA righty Hiroki Kuroda also pitched well. Down 1-0 in the 7th, Kuroda gave up a single to Pablo Sandoval leading off. Juan Uribe followed that with another back-breaking 2-run homer, his second in two nights, and the Giants were rolling. Jonathan Sanchez set down the side easily in the bottom of the inning, and Sergio Romo and Brian "Beard of Zeus" Wilson snapped up the last of the feeble Dodger remnants. The lads marched off the field with a tremendous win and now head for Arizona. It was the kind of game we thought we'd see a lot of, but the Padres, it seemed, cornered the market on that in the first half of the season. Times have changed--the front-runners have lost 10 straight! The Giants and the Padres are tied with 76 wins (4th best in NL), but SD has two fewer losses.




Anonymous said...

Orange and Black is beautiful. If the Giants make it to the postseason, I'll never be Anonymous on here again. Go Giants!

Brother Bob said...

More great stuff from JSanchez. Keep it up.
The game I'm going to in SD should be a Lincecum start. Cool.
The Puds collapse is now epic. No other first place team has lost 10 in a row since 1932.