Saturday, September 11, 2010

Padre'd again, goddamnit!

Just when I thought we'd lifted the Curse of Petco, the Giants lose a 1-0 game on a Yorvit Torrealba homer. I don't know about you, but I'd rather be beat by one of the Hairstons--I don't care which one--or Chase Hundley or Todd Headley or whoever the fuck. You see, I like Yorvit. Always have. Rue the day we rid ourselves of him. Alas.

Winning an absurd 1-0 contest against your primary foe is great. Oh, how the gods smiled on us when Aubrey ran to third! Losing an absurd 1-0 contest to your nemesis team is not. Oh, how the gods cursed us with bad calls!

Madison Bumgarner was winless in his two previous against San Diego (8-Sep-09, 14 Aug 10). Maybe some day that boy will learn to be a winner.

The Franchise goes tomorrow in the biggest start of his career. The Giants were in 3rd place, 7-1/2 back on September 11th last season. I think it's safe to say Tim Lincecum has never pitched a more important game. There's a good chance the game he pitches next week will be even more important, but that is then and this is now. Two back in the loss column, the Giants can't afford to lose any more ground. They have to deliver against the sensational Mat Latos a day after getting muzzled by the guy named after frozen food. Let's hope the run support is there for The Freak tomorrow. Beat them down! Take no prisoners!



p.s. I missed the time change on the game and didn't tune in today. I'm kind of glad, the torture would have been a bit too much. Got some important tasks done, though, and that always feels good.


Anonymous said...

MadBum reminds me more and more of Matt Cain with each start. Go Giants! We can still win this series!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow will probably be a high scoring game, just because it looks to be another 1-0 game, and I hope the giants do some of the scoring. By some I mean at least one more run than the Pads. I have really lost my faith in Timmy. If he walks one of their guys, can he stop them from stealing second, and/or third? Tomorrow Timmy needs to concentrate on every pitch, make no mistakes, and the giants better figure out a way to get to Latos. Bunts, choppers, singles, bloops, walks, hBP's anything it takes. Its about time Latos got lit up. Somehow when I watch these games, for some reason, the padres pitchers seem to get a better strike zone. Maybe they study the umps better. Timmy needs to earn his 11 million tomorrow, perhaps tonight he can kick back, relax, and puff the magic dragon.

M.C. O'Connor said...

The Giants, as a team, walk a lot of guys (533, worst in NL). But I'm not worried about Tim. He'll do fine. I'm worried we won't score at all. Even Tim has to have runs to win.