Tuesday, September 28, 2010

With a little help from the Cubs

The Padres lose at home by the always-excruciating score of 1-0. Hey, that's Padres baseball!

The Giants go into the final stretch up by one game with six to play. San Diego has three more at home against Chicago and then comes to San Francisco for THE OCTOBER SHOWDOWN. Atlanta, with only five to play, finishes at home against Florida and Philadelphia.

SFG    88-68    --
SDP    87-69    1.0

ATL    88-69    --
SDP    87-69    1.0



Brother Bob said...

Based on my visit to DogFood Park, there's no way the Puds deserve to win. About half the people at the game were Giants fans, at least they were louder than the Pud fans. It was sort of sad. I suppose you can't blame the players for that.

Anonymous said...

The wild card could depend on whom Philly plays in the last series against the Braves. Will Philly go all out? They have it clinched and they might prefer to play the braves over the pitching heavy Giants or Pads. The Braves do have some good pitching, but they have been struggling a bit as of late.

Anonymous said...

they would not play the braves in the first round either way, since that is against the rules. also, i am pretty sure that the phillies would love to play the padres in the first round and might try to punish the braves this weekend. at least i hope i am right as I live in ohio and would love to see the giants play the reds in person in the playoffs.