Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cain's pain

Matt Cain never gets hurt. At least, never until yesterday. He's scratched from today's start because of elbow inflammation.

Good thing the Giants have The Jeff Suppan Backup Plan ready for implementation.


p.s. OGC looks at Zito's value.


SIR said...

Oh No! It's not my fault; my elbow inflammation did not do this. But I'll take my pain to help Cain.

Ron said...
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Ron said...

Realistic Prediction:

April - Suppan fills in for injured Matt Cain, wins first 3 starts.

May - Suppan fills in for Lincecum, who accidentally nicks his index finger 'shaving'; wins 3 more games.

June - Suppan content with long relief role, giving him more time to concentrate on his 'Save the Seals' campaign, working closely with Lou Seal.

July - Suppan fills in for Jonathan Sanchez, who has recently 'lost home plate'; wins 3 more games. Sanchez re-finds home plate by late in the month.

August - Bochy, brilliantly sensing that Bumgarner needs some rest before the stretch run, has Suppan fill in again; Suppan wins 3 more games. Bumgarner uses his time to permanently affix miniature idols of 'geniuses' Bochy & Suppan behind bullpen bench.

September/October - Suppan returns happily to long relief role, but takes time to dive into McCovey Cove to save drowning baby. Finishes regular season with a 14-2 record, 3.22 ERA

With the Big 4 starters leading the cheers, saying that they owe their good health, sanity, & toughness to Suppan, he caps the season by winning the Willie Mac Award by acclamation.

Selflessly withdraws from consideration for post-season roster, giving an opportunity to recent call-up Zack Wheeler. Suppan is happy that he can concentrate full-time on his community work.

Makes regular guest appearances in the broadcast booth during the Giants' postseason drive, at one point snagging a line drive foul ball inches from Duane Kuiper's temple.

Elected Mayor at next available opportunity.