Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Through the Fence

Jamie Shoemaker, founder of Through the Fence Baseball, contacted me a while back about contributing something to his site. I'm working on that part, and will let y'all know when it happens. In the meantime he "sat down" for an e-mail interview. Here are his answers to my questions:

(1) What led you to create TTFB? Tell us about your background and your connection to America's Greatest Game.

I love baseball with a passion. I seem to never get enough of it and baseball revolves around me 24/7. I played baseball from age 7 to I graduated from college, so I've been around it for the better part of my life.
(2) There are a plethora of baseball websites--how do you get noticed? How will you draw people to TTFB?
We have some unique aspects on TTFB. For starters, one of our staff writers is playing in minor league ball for the Toronto Blue Jays. He's writing about his baseball experiences and what its like to play ball in the minors. It's interesting and he draws a lot of traffic. We also have around 20 other writers that are from across the nation that offer a different perspective on teams. We have everything covered from minor league baseball all the way to history. 

(3) There is a lot of good baseball writing on the internet and most of it is free. Is this sustainable? How do you see the landscape of baseball writing evolving for both amateurs (bloggers and whatnot) and professionals (beat reporters, staff, etc.)? What will TTFB be like in two years? What does the future of baseball writing look like?

You know, I get that question all the time, and you would think I could come up with a fresh answer. Personally, I don't think it would change much in two years. It's the internet, anything can happen though.
(4) If asked at a party--what do you say? Are you a blogger . . . web developer . . . journalist . . . entrepreneur  . . . crazy fan . . . ??
Crazy Fan! 

(5) What are you looking forward to this MLB season? Is there a club, a player, or a baseball personality that you want to hear more about? What would be your dream 2011 story and why?
Well, I'm a Braves fan. But I'm most looking forward to the season because I'm eager to see our site bloom! My dream story would obviously be the Braves winning the world series while I'm there.

Thanks, Jamie! Here's wishing you well on your new venture. And I can say from personal experience that writing every day about your favorite team winning the World Series is indeed a "dream" come true. I would like to be gracious and wish the Braves "good luck" but I have a feeling the Giants will be playing them in the playoffs again this season. So, my friends, be sure to check out TTFB!


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