Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I could use a Belt about now

Wow. The Giants went all brave and bold on us and cut loose Travis Ishikawa and promoted Brandon Belt to the major leagues. I knew that if they kept Belt then Ishi would get the axe. He had no other position and was left-handed, like Belt. So long, Travis, you were a good Giant. You are forever part of the World Series Champions.

But, wow. Brandon Belt. He's 23 years old and has 595 professional plate appearances. Of those, 223 are AA and AAA. Correction: Belt will be 23 on the 20th of April. He has 136 games of pro ball under his belt, no pun intended.

I think this is great news. Shocking, actually. But I love it. I love that the Giants are going all-in. This is for the title defense, man! The organization must think Belt can deliver the goods. I love their willingness to take a chance with this kid--he must really be that impressive. I'm sure a lot of it is demeanor, maturity, and work ethic, all the stuff you can't see on TV. His spring batting line (.282/.338/.479) isn't as interesting as the fact that he played in the most games (28), had the second-most at bats (71), and saw the most pitches (172). They were clearly fast-tracking him and he responded.

Is Brandon Belt the next Buster Posey? I don't think so. Will he be an effective and capable major-leaguer who adds wins to the club? I think so. And I'm really excited about adding another young climber to a team full of young talent.

Like I said, I could use a stiff belt. It'll calm my nerves. Here's to ya, lad, welcome aboard!

OPENER TOMORROW IN LA! Big Time Timmy Jim vs. Clayton Kershaw--should be epic!


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Brother Bob said...

I just hope Belt doesn't turn out to be the next Travis Ishikawa.