Sunday, July 3, 2011

Comin' home

"Two outta three on the road ain't bad" keeps pecking away at me. I'm annoyed that the team let one slip away that was winnable and showed some rather shoddy play in the getaway game. I am too tired to look up whether or not the Giants stink in getaway games, so someone else do it, please. But I'm sure their record is lousy. I'll bet if I searched my own blog for the term "getaway game" I'll find the answer. It doesn't matter. The Giants won two of three from a good team in their yard. They scored 15 runs in one of the games, the +12 margin entirely responsible for the team's RS to finally be > their RA. But, they should have won. They bunted in the 1st--gave up an out--with Rowand on second. Why? Is the out--in that situation--worth the 90 feet? Man, that's hard to believe. Ol' Boch doesn't like the bunt much, but this team forces him to think like one of those string-pull talking Bobby Valentine dolls that says "he's trying to make something happen" (with actual voice emphasis). I don't know. I'm not bitching at Bochy for the relievers failing to get outs. I thought Vogie would get through seven, but it seemed like he was on the "first baserunner" leash. I would have let him try one more batter. If Jeremy Affeldt gets the out it's moot. The Tigers are a good club, give them credit, they battled back and played a little Giants ball by taking advantage of defensive lapses. I'm telling you, it's bad getaway game mojo.


p.s. Bruce Bochy did the right thing. Tim Lincecum goes to his 4th ASG, Brian Wilson to his 3rd, Matt Cain to his 2nd, and Ryan Vogelsong to his 1st. The Giants win with pitching. The Giants are the World Champs. Four pitchers in orange-and-black seems like an easy call. Madison Bumgarner is pitching just as well as the other three starters. Sergio Romo and Javier Lopez are ASG-worthy. Right on, Boch, enjoy it. And if you win you get home-field for the Series. Just like last time.

p.p.s. A's beat D-backs, Giants stay on top by three games.

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Brother Bob said...

JC would agree it's appropriate that only our pitchers are worthy of being in the ASG. (Cain won't actually pitch, due to the timing of the rotation.) Posey almost certainly would have been a candidate, if some punk hadn't decided to wipe him out. Sandoval was another maybe, erased by missing a month to an injury.