Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nondescriptive Tim

I'm not going to waste a good adjective on Tim Lincecum's performance as he and the rest of the Giants (except Pablo) sleep walked through a dismal 5-3 loss to the puds. I guess we have to cut them some slack for coming home from a tough road trip to a day game...but, let's just say I'm sure glad I didn't waste my Independence Day at the ballpark.
Tim called it "an all around pretty bad outing." Certainly one not worthy of our beloved Freak:

5 innings 7 hits 3 runs 1 walk 4 strikeouts

This 93 pitch clunker (game score 44) is especially disappointing against the puds, a team that Tim has had considerable ownage of in the past. Let's hope that he regroups against them fast since I think we play the puds every other week for the rest of the year. That is a depressing thought. I hate the puds and today was classic pud ball ( although their pen looked touchable).
Congrats on Pablo Sandoval's lovely day - 3 hits including a double and a splash hit! At least there was something for the those poor faithful spectators to cheer about.
Tim sure gave them nutin'.

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Anonymous said...

Are the giants going to mail in this series to the Puds? Cain not much better than Lincecum today. He must have been paid to groove that pitch to Maybin. The guy strikes out like Rowand on low outside sliders, so why challenge him down the middle with a flat fastball. The Cainster will remain a pitcher with a lifetime losing record.