Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Out Tim

Tim Lincecum (7-7) took a rather different approach to beating the Mets yesterday, 3-1. Some might call it Tim's own version of "torture," but it was effective enough to put up some pretty reasonable numbers (game score 62) on a semi-ragged day:

6 innings (114 pitches) 4 hits (all doubles!) one run 4 walks 6 strikeouts

What these relatively normal numbers don't show is the completely abnormal distribution of outs that Tim generated. In all six of his innings, Tim retired the first two batters and then lost the next guy, leading to many stressful moments and tons of extra pitches. Double, walk, walk, walk, double (then walk), double. Only the first one scored a run due to a subsequent double. A strange pattern, for sure, but (unlike some people) I really don't think it points to some lack of focus or mental flaw on Tim's part. His fastball control was shaky (as it has been most of this year) so he wasn't dominant. All of us arm chair analysts will try desperately to make something of it, but questioning a two time Cy Young winner's mental toughness is nowhere this hack is going to go.

Big game for all you Romosexuals!! Sergio Romo got save #1 by getting the last out. Wilson was in the last three games (poorly at times) so it was no big deal, but I know many people think Romo deserves a shot at closer. Personally, I like him as the 8th inning guy. My heart is truly throbbing this morning for Javier Lopez. His 1.2 innings were the key. Twelve holds, not as glamorous as saves, but a cool stat too.

I guess some offense guys must have done something....we did get three runs after all. To tell you the truth whenever I see Aaron Rowand and Miguel Tejada at the top of our line-up I get mini-brain aneuryms that cause half inning memory relapses. I never seem to notice when we are hitting I missing anything?

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