Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Genuine Easy Win

Win, 7-1 vs. ATL 

Combine the fact that JohnnyC broke a personal three game losing streak with a solid performance, and the fact that the Giants offense had no trouble with a knuckleball today, and you get an easy win.   Yep, you read that right.  An honest to goodness easy victory.  In a season where nothing is quite going right, we should relish this one for a while.

Here's a partial list of the good stuff: Three RBI's from BCraw, 2 runs scored from Panik and Nuñez, a Cueto (5-4) game score of 67 that included 8 strikeouts in 6 innings,  three solid innings of no drama relief,  an opposing knuckleballer that let loose a season high 5 walks, a wild pitch and a passed ball.  Oh yeah, Dickey made a big error too.    All told, it was a lovely vacation Sunday.

Sure hope the love continues against the Nationals. Moore is a god at home so that should help. Happy Memorial Day everyone!


Zo said...

Atlanta may be in second place, but they are a sub-.500 team. Still, the Giants did some good stuff. Like score. They're going to have to continue doing that against Washington (and everyone else) if they want to get anywhere.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Two in a row! This I like. Let's see more of this.

nomisnala said...

The good and the bad. Great to have an easy win for a change. But after the knuckleballer came out, the giants offense did absolutely nothing.