Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cardinals Prevail

8-3 loss in StL
Matt Cain got clobbered in the getaway game today in St. Louis and Giants hitters were subdued by perennial stud Adam Wainwright. The Giants take 2 of 3 however and win their third straight series. They go to Chicago to take on the defending champion Cubs for four games starting tomorrow night before coming home at the end of the week for three against the Braves. They finish the month and the homestand with three against the Nationals. The Giants are 10-9 for the month of May after starting 2-6, let's hope they can keep the winning momentum going.



Zo said...

Kind of a one-step-forward-one-step-back kind of series. The Giants picked up a game on both the Crockies and the smoggers yesterday, but gave it back today. It's tough to dig yourself out of a hole.

nomisnala said...

11 K's for cardinals pitchers, one K for giants pitchers. Not saying it is the cause for
the giants losing the game, but I thought the home plate ump calling balls and strikes did a particularly biased job today heavily in favor of the cards, especially in key situations. Cain had good pitches called balls, instead of strikes, allowing the Cards to rally, and when the giants were trying to put together a rally, some really bad pitches by the Cards were called strikes against the giants. I expect some bad calls. I expect them to be somewhat close to even. Once in a while they will effect the game. Today I believe the entire game was affected. I have been a traditionalist, but the point of the post, is that today's umping job, is making me support the electronic calling of balls and strikes. It was really difficult to watch the calls today, especially when the Cards have such a good centerfield camera with a great angle to the plate.