Saturday, May 27, 2017

Blach Stop

Ty Blach on the mound, on what appeared to be military style clothing night, as the Giants tried to snap a 4 game losing streak.  That's right, the Giants haven't won since Ty last pitched.  So they won again!  The Giants scored as many runs as in their last 4 games and beat the Atlantans, 6 - 3.

Ty gave us 7 2/3 innings, 102 pitches, 2 runs, 6 hits, struck out 5 and walked 3.  Ty is not the kind of guy to chalk up a lot of strikeouts, he gets ground balls and double plays.  Atlanta grounded into 2 of those.  Law followed and finished up the 8th, started the 9th, but after giving up a walk and a triple with 1 out, Melancon finished for the save.  Ty has now given us 7 innings in his last 4 starts.  What more do you want out of a guy who wasn't on the team until Madison Bumgarner got hurt?

We got 6 runs!  Nick Hundley, behind the dish, hit his first home run, a 2-run shot that scored Aaron Hill (who replaced Steven Okert on the major league roster).  Hundley was 4 for 5, scored and picked up another rbi late in the game with a single.  Belt hit a solo shot.  Ty picked up an rbi with a single, as did Denard Span.  Here is a stat that falls somewhere between pleasant and startling:  the Giants were 3 - 5 with runners in scoring position.  I must say that the military look, olive drab, is not a good one paired with orange trim or shoes.  But still, if it takes a fashion faux pas to get this team rolling, I'm all for it.


nomisnala said...

If this were a normal season, the day after the Braves tossed their first shutout of the year against the giants, they would have come back and tossed their first shutout of the year against the Braves. But this is not a normal year, and the Pen has a way to give it up when they are ahead. Blach does it without a lot of strikeouts. Girly armed Span, had one of his better defensive games, and the Braves may have robbed Belt of a 2 home run game. Hundley though was the hitting star. Maybe that will awaken Posey. Heck, 3 RBI in one game by a giants catcher. Did Bob Brenly show up? It seems as if Blach is good for around 95 pitches. Would be nice to go back to winning 2 in a row, even if tomorrow's game is against a Knuckle baller.

M.C. O'Connor said...

It's Memorial Day. I expect desert camo today and red-white-and-blue Monday.

Great win. The rookie looks good--who knew soft-tossing still worked in this leauge? Nice to see Belt hitting again. He even walked and stole a base and scored on a two-out hit. Little ball and big ball.

nomisnala said...

Why are we having a triples dilemma? Giants have been a triples team, in a triples ball bark. by the second week of the season we were leading the league with 5 triples, than none until yesterday's 6th triple, and now today Panik with the 7th. But up until yesterday the net difference in triples was the giants 6, opponents 19. Seems almost impossible, but this is a weird season. Was watching a little bit of the Cubs bums game today in first few innings. Lester looked a little flummoxed Quite a few pitches that he was routinely getting as strikes against the giants, were seeing ball calls today. Not sure who is umping but it is a different ump most likely and his opposition is Kershaw not Cueto. Identity umping?