Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No Joy from JohnnyC

Loss, 6-1 vs. LAD 

The lovely five game win streak ran into Clayton Kershaw and it was no contest.  The undeniable L.A. Ace, Kershaw (7-2), completely outdueled the stand-in S.F. "Ace," Johnny Cueto (4-3),  in a game that only a dogger fan would love.  And since I am assuming there are no such fans reading this, I figure there isn't much point in rehashing this one.

The only detail "worth" mentioning was the rare display of hostility from our usual fun-loving JohnnyC.  It seemed like he got pissed at Grandal for hitting a good pitch.  He actually seemed to be channeling his inner MadBum.  Turns out  he thought Grandal was stealing signs.  Anyway, it got juicy when Cueto uncorked a fast ball near the dude's head. Intentional? I doubt it; it did let a run in on a wild pitch.  Then after Grandal flew out they "exchanged words" which of course led to "benches clearing."  No action, no ejections.  Just a rare and strange display by a frustrated JohnnyC.

We get a day off and then we START ANOTHER WIN STREAK!  Go Giants!


M.C. O'Connor said...

JohnnyC is pretty intense; the insouciance he projects is part of the show. He's obviously very competitive and I'm sure wanted to match zeros with Kershaw. Those guys hit good pitches today--I've no doubt that's what got Cueto fired up. He was executing but it wasn't working. Seems like LA did NOT want to get swept. I can't get mad at the guys for flailing against Kershaw. He OWNS the Giants, and that's saying a lot, as he owns most of the league.

But you're right, JC: this is the chance to start a NEW win streak!

nomisnala said...

At least the giants did not go through the day, without getting their obligatory Solo Home