Monday, December 31, 2012

Last 2012 Post

For how many years (decades, really) did we say that the Giants slogan would be, "[Insert next season] Giants, Series in Four."

Then, when we finally stopped saying it, they went and did it!

Happy New Year everybody, and thanks for a wonderful, magical, inspirational, tremendous, fulfilling season.

Monday, December 24, 2012

World Champs

We get a shiny new one of these:

Happy Holidays!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Trophy Tour!

Good news: the Trophy Tour for the 2012 Champs is coming soon!

Here's the link (

Highlights for Jeffersonians include Mt. Shasta on January 12th, 2013, and Medford (OR) on the 26th of March. Sounds like some fabulous post-apocalypse fun. Speaking of the apocalypse, Mt. Ashland got 29 inches of snow in the last 24 hours--so much they have delayed the opening this morning. My quest for the first freshies of the season is off to a bit of a slow start, but I expect to be knee-deep in the pow-pow by noon, at least. Oh, did I mention I was on holiday?

Merry Christmas, everyone!


p.s. Photo by JC (Mt. Shasta, 20 March 2011)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

We Have Our Winners!

This was tough. It was a lot easier when I could fob the judging off on someone else. Next time I'll accept bribes--cash has a way of simplifying things. Ultimately I had to go with the guffaw factor. A couple of entries made me laugh out loud so I went with them. And one entry was clever enough to include all the men in the photo and give a nod to a classic comic routine that never gets old. So, to the business:

Winner number one is RUSSIAN RIVER with "I don't know" on third base.

Winner number two is ZO for "takin' a bat to 'em."

Winner number three is RON for having a "big head." (I was almost ready to accept the "Chulk Call" disqualification bid, but I always had a soft spot for Vinnie, who looked like an extra from Grease.)

Congratulations! And thanks again to everyone for chipping in.



p.s. Winners send me ( your snail mail so I can forward it to A&E.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Contest!!

After the magical 2010 season, the Giants, per custom, were invited to the White House for a meet-n-greet with El Presidente. If you didn't follow the event, you missed a good one, as the Giants were, to a man, classy and gracious champions. Mr. Obama was relaxed and funny, clearly enjoying himself, and feted the team with appropriate ceremony. My favorite moment was when the President made a point to recognize Tim Lincecum and said "it just goes to show you shouldn't bet against the skinny guy." Another magical season is in the books, and the 2012 Giants are the new champions, and you figure they'll get another invitation to 1600 Pennsylvania and another schmooze fest with Obama. In the mean time, I've got prizes to give away, and a new contest for our faithful readers here at RMC.

Take a look at the photo below. Doesn't it just cry out for a caption? I mean, that's Willie Fecking Mays, mate, and he's got the ear of the Commander in Chief! What the hell is he saying? And how about Ol' Boch with his shit-eating grin, basking in the afterglow, wondering how his baseball career turned out so fookin' grand, to be hob-nobbing with such big-time celebrities and all. I love it. What a great time to be a Giants fan. So, write me a caption. Submit it as a comment on this post. I'll pick the three I like the best. You've got until Wednesday evening, the 19th, at 8:00 p.m. PST. You only get to enter ONCE. Your prize will be this fabulous World Series Champion Collector's DVD set from A&E. I can tell you it is very, very nice. You get all four World Series games plus Game Five of the LDS and Game Five of the LCS. These are complete games, no commercials, and with the choice of listening to the KNBR feed. You also get Matt Cain's perfect game and a bonus highlight disc, eight in all, very nicely packaged with box scores, stats, etc. The blu-ray quality is astonishing, even better than the HD broadcast I watched on my DishTV. (You can get standard DVDs as well). You want this. Of course, you could just buy them yourself, or download them for your iTunes, but you want, like the 2012 Giants, to WIN! So, sharpen your pencils and trim your nails and type me up something good!

So that's it. The nice folks at A+E Networks Home Entertainment/MLB Productions want you to have a happy holiday season. And I'm happy to help them help you be happy over the holidays.

Happy Holidays!


p.s. Winners will need to send me ( their snail mail addresses and I will forward them to A&E and they will send out the prizes. USA only.

p.p.s. ALEX--you have not yet claimed your prize from the anagram contest!

p.p.p.s. The photo is from the White House photographer and thus in the public domain.

p.p.p.p.s. links

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

25 for 16: Zo's Hat

My hat was purchased, and first worn, at the final game against the Washington Nationals at ATT Park on Wednesday afternoon, August 15.  Tim Lincecum started, but garnered the loss after giving up 4 runs and lasting 4 innings.  Stephen Strasburg got the win for a 6 inning effort in which the Giants could only manage 2 runs.  The day ended at 6-4 Nats.  That day, yeah, I heard about the Melky troubles as I was walking into the stadium.

But, from that inauspicious beginning, the hat went on to compile a stellar record.  The hat went 10 - 4 for the remainder of August and 20 - 10 for September for a 31 - 16 record for the remainder of the season.  .660, baby!  The end of the season is mostly about your own division, and the Giants won where it counted: 6 - 3 against San Diego, 6 - 3 against Los Angeles, 5 - 4 against Arizona, and 6 - 1 against Colorado.  The hat also saw a 7 - 3 record against non-division opponents.  And then, of course, the playoffs and series.  I'm still stunned at the Giants' accomplishment, and how beautiful it was and man, did Tim ever turn into a hero when the money was on the line.  You might say that the hat was at the beginning of the Giants' victory push that never stopped until they were World Champions.  You might churlishly point out that the correlation is not causation, but you would always, always have just the smallest shadow of a doubt about that.  Then again, you might just say, "What an awesome hat!"

Thursday, December 6, 2012


That's right, baby. This site is all about winners. This here a Giants blog and they the bestest team. The RMC anagram contest is officially over and all that's left to do is announce the winners. Many thanks to the inscrutable SIR for being the judge. Three of you get the DVD prize from A&E--be sure to send me your snail mail address so I can forward it to them.

Winner #1 is ALEX for his excellent Brian Wilson IS BRAWN LION.

Winner #2 is MAMA TAY for her superb Tim Flannery IT FLY, MEN RAN.

Winner #3 is JC PARSONS for his freaky Timothy LeRoy Lincecum MERCY HOOTIE! MULTI-NL CY.

Thanks to everyone for the fun and creative entries. I enjoyed this little bit of shameless commercialism. Free stuff! Free stuff! Free stuff! After 2010 I got four different brand new Giants books sent to me ("review" copies) for free by various publishers. I pimped each one of them on the site like a good lad. And then A&E sent me a free Matt Cain Perfect Game disc if I promised to do a giveaway contest. Then the same nice lady sent me the 2012 Champions DVD (which you winners will receive) and I did another giveaway contest. Well, guess what? We are going to have yet another contest because I just received the 2012 World Series complete set! How's that for a prize? So, if any of you have an idea for a fun contest to win this awesome disc set, let me know. I have a few ideas already, but a little inspiration never hurts.

Winners, again, send me an email ( with your snail mail address (USA only). A&E will send you the prize after I send your info on to them. BE SURE TO SPECIFY BLU-RAY OR STANDARD DVD!!

Thanks again, everyone.