Friday, August 30, 2019

Giants Win One - Late August at Home

The Giants beat the Padres tonight by a score of 8 - 3.

Don't let the score fool you.  The Giants piled the runs on a couple of Padres' relief pitchers, had those relievers been competent, the score might have been more like 4 -3.  And that means the Giants have a .250 record in their last 4 games against crappy teams.  They lost 2 thoroughly winnable games to Arizona who made it clear this year and reiterated at the trading deadline that they weren't even trying to win, and then lost in traditional Giants fashion to a nobody rookie pitcher last night.  They once had a shot at the wild card, now, that is a pipe dream.  As, probably, is a .500 record.  After their series against the Padres, they play 3 series against crappy teams; Miami, Pittsburgh and Colorado; yet 5 series against teams that are over .500 and legitimately in the playoff hunt.  That would be 2 against the team that leads our division by 20 games, Boston, St. Louis, and Atlanta.  Good luck with that.

Madison Bumgarner pitched.  He pitched well.  He threw 103 pitches in 7 full innings and allowed only 4 hits, 1 run and 2 walks.  That run was a home run by Machado.  Tony Watson and Tyler Rogers each allowed a run in the 8th and 9th.

Belt hit a 2 run shot in the 1st inning for a 2 - 0 lead.  I heard some incredible statistic from the announcers, about the Giants record when they score first.  It's something like 40 - 13.  Which indicates that they don't often score first and that they seem not to do well if they don't.  Belt was 3 for 5 tonight and Yaz had 2 hits, including a solo home run.  Posey was 3 for 4 and Longoria had 2 hits.

Anyway, it's time to expand the rosters, if you like new faces, this is the time for you.  I hope some of the guys that have done well, like Yaz (he had 18 home runs!) stick around, but I wouldn't bet on it, it's churn time and there are no sure things except for those guys with no-trade clauses.  One good thing, though, is that FZ talked to NBC sports about a potential deal for Madbum.  Not that there is one in the offing, but that there is mutual interest, he thinks.  I hope so, from the Giants standpoint, it would be insane not to be.

Dubon Debut

SD 5  SF 3
Middle infielder Mauricio Dubon made his Giants debut last night and collected his first fielding chance and first hit. (He was 0-for-2 for Milwaukee earlier this season.) He also flashed some leather taking a hit away and turning a double play pivot.  Dubon will likely get most of his work at second base but he is primarily a shortstop, having logged 4000 innings there in his minors career.

Otherwise there wasn't much to get excited about last night. Dereck Rodriguez continues to struggle and the offense continues to avoid the big, run-scoring hit.

Bumgarner tonight, 7:15 Pacific.



Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Home field disadvantage

AZ 6  SF 4
AZ 3  SF 2
The Diamondbacks take two from the Giants who can't seem to hit at Oracle Park. The team played poorly overall with some egregious baserunning in both games as well as some disappointing relief appearances. Day off tomorrow and then the Padres come to town for four. Let's hope the bats wake up real soon.

Roster moves of note: Scooter Gennet was cut loose and Mauricio Dubon was called up. They must think highly of him as they've churned through two accomplished major-leaguers to get to this point. Donovan Solano is covering the keystone well but I expect the youngster to get a long look. Trevor Gott, unfortunately, had to go on the IL with an elbow issue. IF Abiatal Avelino was sent back down and OF Joey Rickard was recalled. Right-handed funky delivery-guy Tyler Rogers was promoted to the bigs for the first time and pitched a 1-2-3 inning in his debut.

Johnny Cueto is getting close to a return. He makes another rehab start this weekend in Sacramento.


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Longo Leads Giants

SF 5  OAK 4
Evan Longoria had two hits (one a homer) and three runs batted in to lead the offense in a comeback win over the Athletics in Oakland. It was an impressive weekend for the Boys in Black as they bounced back from a tough series in Wrigley and beat a very good team to get back to a .500 record (65-65). Longo tops 1000 RBI for his career--he came in to the game today with 999 and now has 1002. His next milestone will be his 300th homer, he has 293 of those so that might be next year, but he will certainly get to 3000 total bases next month as he currently sits at 2984. He's not the star player he once was, but he's playing his best baseball since 2016, and he's the team (non-pitcher) WAR leader. He's been a big contributor to the club's turnaround and subsequent level of improved play.

Speaking of improved, the bullpen work today was exceptional. Jandel Gustave relieved a beleagured Logan Webb and got a huge strikeout. He then put two on in the next frame but Sam Coonrod bailed him out (with some superb DP work from Solano and BCraw). Then we got the three-headed beast of Moronta, Watson, and Smith to close it out. Like I said, exceptional work. And like I said earlier, an impressive weekend.

Diamondbacks in San Francisco tomorrow night at 6:45 PDT. Tyler Beede gets the start.



Saturday, August 24, 2019

All Blacks Win

Of all the stupid ideas to come out of the commissioners office of late, this has to rank right up there among the dumbest.  To begin with, the "players' nicknames weekend" is foolish enough, half the players go by their regular names, so they have to make up nicknames or dredge up some from high school.  The Giants shirts didn't look too bad, but the pants looked like they were wearing black jeans if they were over the socks, and pajamas if they were tucked in.  But that was a far sight better than the white uniforms for the A's.  They looked like guys who worked in a bakery, but less cool, if their pants were out and like they were at ballet practice with hats if they were tucked in.  Plus, neither I nor the announcers could tell who the fuck they were.

Madison Bumgarner was on the hill, but he did not give the Giants a stop job in any sense of the word.  He gave the Giants 5 innings, threw 97 pitches, gave up 4 hits and 2 runs, walked 1 and struck out 5.  The Giants trotted out nearly their entire relief staff, Gott, Gustave (who gave up 2 runs), Abad, Coonrod, Anderson (who gave up 1), Moronta and Smith.  At the end of nearly 4 hours, though, the Giants came out on top, 10 - 5.

That was mainly due their best offensive inning of 2019, an 8-run 8th.  The Giants entered the 8th trailing 4 - 2.  Stephen Vogt, DHing, led off with a line out, but would hit a 3-run home run with 2 outs in the same inning to score the Giant's final 3 runs of the game.  RBI's also that inning for Longoria, Pillar and Crawford, and Dickerson (3 hits tonight) scored on a wild pitch.  Sam Coonrod got 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th, he got the win.  The loser was once-Giant bullpen stalwart, Yusmiero Petit.

That nudges the Giants back in front of the dbacks, who lost to the Brewers, who in turn are in front of the Giants for a wild card position.  At least the Giants proved that their offense didn't die in Chicago.  Second start for Logan Webb tomorrow.

Friday, August 23, 2019


CHC 1  SF 0
The Giants finally got the well-pitched game they needed but it was all for naught as they got shut out for the eleventh time this season. Jeff Samardzija threw seven innings and allowed only two hits but one of those was a two-out RBI and that was the ballgame. The Giants got swept right out of the Windy City and come home to play the Athletics in Oakland tomorrow and Sunday. This is their first and only Friday off-day.

FanGraphs rates Saturday's starter, Madison Bumgarner at 3.0 WAR. (There are thirty pitchers above him. Drop down twenty-five spots and there's Shark's 1.6 WAR. Max Scherzer is number one with 5.6 WAR.) Bumgarner was worth a total of 3.0 WAR for both 2017 and 2018 (240-2/3 IP, 38 starts). We can see that he is healthy and pitching better, and the numbers aren't lying either, and that's encouraging going forward. I'm assuming that holding on to him means they are going to try to sign him to a multi-year deal. If you want some comps to grasp fWAR for a pitcher, try Zack Wheeler (3.5), Clayton Kershaw (3.4), Marcus Stroman (3.1), Kyle Hendricks (3.0), Jon Gray (3.0), Aaron Nola (2.7), Masahiro Tanaka (2.6), and Tanner Roark (2.5).

The Giants need to get back on the beam and start winning some ballgames!


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

7th inning: 8-10

CHC 5  SF 3
The Giants got beat tonight in Chicago and that dropped their record back to .500 at 63-63. You can see that we've reached Game 126 or the end of the 7th seasonal inning. Here's the story so far:

1st inning: 8-10
2nd inning: 8-10
3rd inning: 5-13
4th inning: 10-8
5th inning: 11-7 
6th inning: 13-5
7th inning: 8-10

Reversion to form? An 8-10 record is 2019's most popular choice for an 18-game seasonal inning. Tonight young Tyler Beede continued to struggle but the Giants tied it up against Cole Hamels and it was a close game, mostly. The 'pen couldn't keep the tie and the lineup had nothing over the last five frames. Mike Yastrzemski missed a two-run homer by a few feet in the 7th, a favorable gust might have given us a different outcome. Hamels, as I'm sure you recall, faced Matt Cain in Game 3 of the 2010 NLCS when he was with Philadelphia. He's 35 and still effective (3.72 FIP, 122 ERA+).

The slash line for Major League Baseball is .254/.324/.437 for a .761 OPS.

The Giants run out a .242/.307/.405 line for a .712 OPS. That puts them 26th out of the 30 teams, with the White Sox, Royals, Tigers, and Marlins below them.

On the pitching side the Giants are 12th-best overall with a 4.41 ERA. FanGraphs gives the Giants a 4.55 FIP, good for 15th, the middle of the pack. If you look at OPS-against their .752 puts them 13th-best.

It's been a tough August for the orange-and-black, but it seems this team is playing closer to its true talent level. I figure, overall, they are a +/-.500 club and by golly that's right where they are. I'd sure like to see 10-8 become the new popular 18-game seasonal inning record. I'm trying not to jinx it but I'd really like to see them win 19 more games and finish with 82 wins.

Dereck Rodriguez goes tomorrow at 5:05 p.m. PDT.



Sunday, August 18, 2019

Giant Disappointment

Well then.  A sweep would have been really sweet, but the Giants, generators of 28 runs in their previous 3 games, couldn't find an offense and lost to the dbacks, 6 - 1.

The Giants have won 9 of the last 10 Madison Bumgarner starts, with Madison improving his record from 3 - 7 to 8 - 7 in that time.  His opponent was Merrill Kelly.  Arizona has won only twice the last 10 times he has been on the mound (one of those was against the Giants in June).  Yet the game was really over in the 1st inning.  Madison got 2 quick outs, then a double turned into a triple because Slater couldn't pick up the ball cleanly in right, and a walk and a two-rbi triple and a bloop hit and it was 3 - 0.  Flores homered in the 5th inning for the 4th run against Madbum.

In the 6th, the Giants pushed a run across thanks to a Yaz triple and a Gennett single.  It looked promising, after a Posey ground-out, Belt walked, Pillar struck out and Slater walked to load the bases.  But Crawford grounded out to end the inning and that was the end of the Giants offensive threats.  They were 1 for 6 with RISP. 

Madbum's line: 104 pitches in 6 innings, 6 hits, 2 walks, 4 earned runs and 9 K.  And the L.  Fernando Abad allowed a solo shot and Tony Watson allowed the 6th run.  So the Giants, who didn't play Arizona until May, are now 9 - 8 against them.  They were 2 - 4 in the first 2 series in May and 4 - 3 against them in 2 series in June before taking 3 of 4 in Arizona.  We have 2 games remaining with this team in SF in the last week in August.  No games against them in April or September.  The Giants have a day off tomorrow before playing the Cubs in Chicago and then have another day off Friday before playing the A's in Oakland.  Weird.  The Giants will have to face the Cubs and St. Louis and Boston and Atlanta in addition to Loos Angeles, twice.  It will be tough to stay in contention for a wild card.  We did get two very strong performances out of young pitchers, so that is positive (and absolutely necessary going forward).  Still, I think an off day in Chicago would be lot more fun coming off of a sweep.

Saturday, August 17, 2019


SF 11  AZ 6
For the second straight night in Arizona the Giants rapped out double-digit hits (18) and double-digit runs (11). They scored in five different innings. Brandon Belt got the rout started with a grand slam in the 2nd inning. He added RBIs in the 3rd and the 8th to finish with six. Kevin Pillar had five hits in five at-bats and scored three runs. Scooter Gennett also scored three runs. Austin Slater had a good night with two hits and some fine work in right field. It was another nutty offensive outburst by a team that has struggled to score runs for much of the season. That's three wins in a row over the D-Backs and five wins in the last six games. The Giants are now 8-8 in August and back to two games over .500 (63-61) with 38 games to play.

Rookie Logan Webb ran into trouble in the 1st inning but then settled down and delivered four scoreless after that. He induced double-play grounders to end both the 4th and the 5th. The youngster threw 94 pitches to 21 batters, whiffing seven and walking one, allowing only two runs on five hits. He kept the ball in the yard, something that neither Andrew Suarez nor Travis Bergen could pull off in their relief stints. That can be tough to do in a homer-happy ballpark in a homer-happy season. Jandel Gustave got the final four outs. The game ended most unusually when Eduardo Escobar tried to stretch his two-out, bases-empty 9th-inning double into a triple and was gunned down at third base (Slater to Gennett to Solano). That's crazy, man.

Madison Bumgarner gets the start tomorrow afternoon at 1:10 Pacific. GO GIANTS!


Yaz Hammers Three

SF 10  AZ 9 (11)
The Giants and Diamondbacks combined for TWELVE home runs in an extra-inning slugfest that featured 28 hits and 19 runs scored. Mike Yastrzemski outdid everyone with a sensational three-homer display that included the eventual game-winner in the 11th inning. The not-so-young rookie has "served notice" that he's a power threat to be reckoned with. Currently he sports a .548 slugging percentage, the highest on the team by far, and one of only two Giants above .500 in that metric. The league slugs .437 overall, and the team .404, the fourth-worst in baseball.

Two spectacular bullpen meltdowns were featured, with Tony Watson and Sam Coonrod blowing a five-run lead in the 8th, and Will Smith blowing a two-run lead in the 10th, but the Giants kept fighting back and eventually prevailed. The D-Backs hit six homers, one in the 1st, three in the 8th, and two in the 10th. Brandon Belt hit the first of the Giants six bombs in the 3rd, then Yaz added his first, Kevin Pillar hit one in the 4th, Yaz did it again in the 7th, Pillar again in the 10th, and then Yaz finished things in the 11th with his third. It was a wild night in Arizona.

The Giants are now 7-8 in August and 62-61 overall, a game ahead of the D-Backs for second place in the NL West. 22-year old righthander Logan Webb will make his debut tonight at 5:10 Pacific. Webb is from Rocklin, CA and was signed with the team right out of high school. He has 60 starts in the minors, mostly at A and AA level. In his one start with the AAA River Cats he threw seven scoreless. Webb had to serve an 80-game suspension earlier this year because of a positive PED test. MLB Pipeline rates Webb as the team's number-five prospect.



Thursday, August 15, 2019

D-Rod Dazzles D-Backs

SF 7  AZ 0
The Giants have seen a lot of ups and downs from their young pitchers. Literally. Dereck Rodriguez has bounced back-and-forth from AAA this season, trying to find the success he had last season. He opened the season as a starter but was demoted to the bullpen. Tonight he delivered a sensational performance, stifling the Arizona lineup for seven innings, allowing only three hits, one walk, and zero runs. After rookie Tyler Beede had another meltdown yesterday it was nice to see a big effort by a young starter. The team really needs some consistency from the starters not named Madison Bumgarner (and lately Jeff Samardzija) in order to compete the rest of the way.

The lineup supported the young righty with thirteen hits and seven runs. Evan Longoria was the big stud with three hits and four batted in. Donovan Solano hit leadoff and had two hits and scored two, and Austin Slater, batting second, had three hits, two walks, and two runs scored. Kevin Pillar made another great diving catch. Two hits and an RBI from Buster, and a double and an RBI from Belt, it was a real team effort. Sam Coonrod and FNG Fernando Abad finished up.

The Shark takes on Mike Leake tomorrow at 6:40 p.m. PDT. GO GIANTS!


Tuesday, August 13, 2019


The Giants reached .500 again behind the pitching of Madison Bumgarner, now 8 - 7 on the year.  They beat the Oakland Athletics in a tense, exciting squeaker, 3 - 2.

Oakland, like the Giants, is also fighting for a playoff spot, and, also like the Giants, are in a division with a dominant division leader.  Oakland has a much better track record this year, 15 games over .500 even with tonight's loss.  They have 10 guys on their team with 10 or more home runs.

This was a San Francisco type game, though.  Pitching, pitching and pitching and a modicum of small ball.  Madison Bumgarner threw a fantastic game.  He threw 100 pitches to get through 7 full innings.  He gave up only 2 hits and walked none.  1 of those hits was a home run to Steven Piscotty.  That was the only run he allowed.  He struck out 9.  He has been pitching about as well as he ever has in his last 2 starts.  You remember he threw 7 and blanked Philadelphia on 1 hit last week.

The game was scoreless until the Piscotty home run in the 5th.  The Giants scored off of Brett Anderson, who was tagged for the loss, with 3 consecutive doubles in the 6th and then a Gennett sac fly to score Aramis Garcia playing first base tonight in the 7th.  That run was important because, after a hitless 8th from Reyes Moronta, Will Smith had no functional slider in the 9th.  Will gave up 3 hits, walked in the A's 2nd run, and threw 37 pitches.  But he also got 3 strikeouts for the save.  Beede tomorrow.  He gave us 5 innings last time, but really, we need a little more from our young starters.  The 1 2/3 and 3 inning starts will catch up to us.  We have a strong bullpen (and a few more days off coming up soon), but still, Madbum and Smardjy and pray for (?) doesn't cut it.  But for the moment, we are 60 - 60 and I thought .500 was a long shot not too long ago.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Thrilla Over Phila!

SF 9  PHI 6
The Giants played a remarkable and memorable game this afternoon in San Francisco and took three of four from the Phillies with a come-from-behind win. Eight Giants pitchers gave up ten hits and walked eleven guys but prevailed behind a resurgent offense. Rookie Conner Menez was staked to a two-run lead but was out of the game in the next inning for fellow rookie Jandel Gustave and suddenly it was 5-2 Phils. Andrew Suarez and Trevor Gott righted the ship and the lineup battled back to take a 6-5 lead. Reyes Moronta and Williams Jerez held on but Tony Watson gave up the tying run in the 8th. Will Smith was called in to get the long save, which he did, but in the meantime got a two-RBI single during the Giants winning rally! It was crazy but in the end the Giants won a thrilling game on national TV. Mike Yastrezemski, Evan Longoria, Scooter Gennett, and Kevin Pillar were the hitting heroes.

The boys are off tomorrow and then the Athletics come to town for two. Madison Bumgarner matches up with Brett Anderson Tuesday night at 6:45 Pacific.



p.s. The Giants retired Will Clark's number--22--in a pre-game ceremony honoring the 1989 pennant-winning club. He's certainly worthy. But I can't help but think of another Clark--Jack--also number 22, who could really rake and played over a thousand ballgames in a Giants uniform. Jack rates about 30 WAR in his tenure in orange-and-black, with Will about 35.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

When the Shark bites

SF 3  PHI 1
The Giants bounced back this afternoon behind a superb start by Jeff Samardzija. Yielding only two hits (one a solo homer) and no walks over eight innings (103 pitches) the big righty dominated a tough Phillies lineup. The rookie starters have been struggling so it is up to the veterans to give the team a better chance to win. The Giants lineup got two homers--a two-run shot from Evan Longoria and a solo shot by Kevin Pillar--to take care of all the scoring for the home squad. It was good to see the club show some grit and win the game after yesterday's discouraging loss. Will Smith finished up for his 28th save.

Conner Menez goes tomorrow at 4:05 p.m. PDT. Go Giants!


Friday, August 9, 2019


PHI 9  SF 6
You don't expect Tony Watson to give it up when he enters the game, but by golly even that happens. "That's why they play the game." There's a bromide for ya.

Tyler Beede was confoundingly rookie-esque. He whiffed seven guys in five frames, but also gave up five runs. The Giants battled back most epically, but Bryce Harper splash-hitted, and it was done. All-Name Team candidate Jandel Gustave delivered some fine relief work.

*Smardj tomorrow afternoon. The Giants need a winning streak!


*if Samardzija was something like "Virgil Creed" or "Horatio Storm" instead of "Jeffrey Alan" he'd be right up there with Brock Stassi, Johneshwy Fargas, Hamlet Marte, and Caleb Baragar.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Malaise Snapped

This is why you don't trade Madison Bumgarner for a hope and a prayer and a PTBNL.

The Giants had not won since the last time Madison pitched, although the last time he did not get a decision.  That was at Curs Field in Denver, when the Giants scored runs in the 8th inning, after Madison was out of the game, to beat the Rockies.  Then came a loss, and 3 more at home to the Nats in which the Giants were simply unable to compete.

Tonight, Madison took a no-hitter into the 6th inning.  He was removed after 7 innings and 85 pitches, having surrendered exactly 1 hit, 0 runs and 1 walk.  Not sure why he was taken out at all, the announcers speculated that it was because they wanted to get Will Smith some work.  Madison had 1 hit in 1 official at bat, and 2 walks and scored a run.  That was primarily because the Phils were simply not going to let him beat them with a home run.

The Giants scored 5 runs, 3 rbi's for Yaz on a double and a home run, Belt had an rbi (and Pillar scored on a wild pitch).  Final score, Giants 5, Phils 0.

Aaron Nola is a serious stud.  That the Giants got to him (he lasted 5 innings) is an accomplishment in itself.  Now, can they act like a winning team again, or was this a one-off?  We'll find out tomorrow.  It would sure help to get a decent start though.  Those have been too rare of late.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Giants get swept

WAS 4  SF 1
The bullpen pitched well.

The Phillies come to town tomorrow, Madison Bumgarner gets the chance to play stopper.



Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Another tough loss

WAS 5  SF 3
Tonight was a better effort than last night, and the Giants did get burned a bit from bad luck on some hard hit balls, not to mention a goofy strike zone, but they came up short. Rookie Conner Menez gave up five runs on six hits including two homers, but also went a full six innings. The 24-year old southpaw threw 99 pitches to get those 18 outs in his second big-league start. The Giants not only faced old World Series foe Anibal Sanchez, but former teammate Hunter Strickland. Both Jandel Gustave and Willams Jerez pitched in relief and delivered three scoreless.

Speaking of the 2012 World Series, Sanchez was part of a remarkable pitching staff that included Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, Rick Porcello, and Drew Smyly, who are all still pitching in the bigs. Doug Fister, Phil Coke, Octavio Dotel, Joaquin Benoit, Jose Valverde, and Al Albuquerque were the rest of the Tigers hurlers. Makes you appreciate that incredible Giants victory! The only Giants still pitching in the majors from that winning club are Madison Bumgarner and Sergio Romo. Jeremy Affeldt, Matt Cain, Santiago Casilla, George Kontos, Tim Lincecum, Javier Lopez, Jose Mijares, Ryan Vogelsong, and Barry Zito rounded out that unique Giants staff.

The Giants need a win! Shaun Anderson goes tomorrow at 12:45 Pacific.


Monday, August 5, 2019

Giants fall flat at home

WAS 4  SF 0
The Giants left their bats somewhere back in July and need to find them again. They've scored 14 runs in their last 5 games--all in August--and have one win in the bunch. Tonight the Nationals benefited from eight walks and a lot of long counts as Giants pitchers (other than Trevor Gott) were sloppy and could not get it done. The hitters had no luck with some hard hit balls that found gloves and not ground, but they have to do better than zero.

Rookie Conner Menez gets the start tomorrow night (6:45). 35-year old Anibal Sanchez, who pitched against the Giants in the 2012 World Series, goes for the Nationals.


Saturday, August 3, 2019


Nail-biter at Coors, the Giants win 6 - 5.

This was starting to look like the feel-good month of July was going quickly to hell.  But the Giants got their first win of August in Coors Field in Denver against the Roxies.  Not easily.

In a 3 hour and 42 minute game, the Giants left 13 runners on base, and were 3 for 14 with runners in scoring position.  They loaded the bases but did not score in the 8th and 9th innings.  The Giants made Rocky starter Jon Gray work to the tune of 30+ pitches in the 1st inning and scored 4 runs including a home run by Scooter Gennett.  But on a night with an early lead, and a need for the starter to go deep in a game, Madison Bumgarner could only give them 5 innings and left the game trailing.  Madison threw 91 pitches, struck out 2 and walked 1 but gave up 2 home runs and 5 runs total on 8 hits.  Those came in the 2nd and 3rd and finally in a 2 run 5th.  Jon Gray did no better, he was gone before he recorded an out in the 5th.  The Rockies wound up using 6 pitchers in the game, the Giants 5: Gott, Coonrod, Watson and Smith for an inning each.

In the 8th, Buster Posey showed us why he remains a God.  With 1 out, Joe Panik, pinch hitting, walked.  Austin Slater singled.  Then, pinch hitting for the pitcher's spot, Buster Posey willed a grounder nearly to the wall for a 2 rbi double.  The Giants then loaded the bases but couldn't add on.  Steven Duggar started the game, did not have a hit, but made a leaping catch at the center field wall in the 5th that could have left the score 7 - 4 Rockies.  Will Smith allowed 2 hits, but somehow held on for the save (Coonrod got the win).

So, the offense is not what it should be for a game at Coors and our pitching is showing some signs of strain.  Yet, the Giants have a chance for a winning road trip (they're 4 - 4 vs San Diego, Philadelphia and Colorado), a .500 record in this young month and a series win in Coors.  It doesn't get easier after that.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Bullpen blows it

COL 5  SF 4
The Giants wasted a 4-2 lead in the 5th and wound up losing in Colorado. Sam Selman and Reyes Moronta couldn't get it done. I suppose it is only fair to mention that Sam Dyson had a rough debut in Minnesota, giving up three runs in a Twins loss. Ah well, these things happen. The Giants need to score more than four runs when they play in Denver.

Madison Bumgarner goes tomorrow, 5:10 Pacific.



Thursday, August 1, 2019

Phils take series

PHI 10  SF 2
Dereck Rodriguez got called up for this start but seemingly had no fastball command and wound up getting clobbered. Andrew Suarez relieved him but did not fare well, either. I thought the Giants might try to get another starter for the stretch run but I suppose they will have to stick it out with the youngsters. Rookies Sam Selman and Jandel Gustave made their debuts, and I expect we'll be seeing more of those two what with the re-shuffled bullpen. The lineup got ten hits but could not put together any kind of sustained rally.

Shaun Anderson gets the ball at 5:40 p.m. PDT in Denver tomorrow. Go Giants!


p.s. Giants split four with the D-Backs at the end of June, then swept the Padres, took 2 of 3 from the Cards and Brewers, swept the Rockies, took 3 of 4 from the Mets, and 2 of 3 from the Cubs and Padres before this series against the Phillies. That's seven series wins in a row before today's loss. The Giants have not won a series in Philadelphia since 2015.