Thursday, January 31, 2008


Just say no to Joe. Crede, that is.

Check out two fine posts at Bay City and Stankeye.

Trade Rumors has the skinny.

Just say NO.


Zo said...

I don't see why everyone is so down on Joe Crede, except for two things: 1) he was hurt last year, and 2) he doesn't seem to know what base on balls means. However, he seems to have decent power, and is, at 29 or 30, not yet over the hill. He might not be a sufficient upgrade over Feliz, then again, he might be pretty good. I am not in love with Frandsen, although I think it would be just peachy if he developed into a good major leaguer, and I want to see him get a real (not 30 ab) opportunity. I don't see the harm in seeing if Crede has upside. We did that with Feliz for a couple years, and, just because it turned out that he didn't, doesn't mean that NO one has upside. So he becomes a free agent and we instead try to lure Eric Chavez. It all depends on what we give up for him. Hennessey? I'm OK with that. Sanchez? Probably. Roberts and a minor leaguer as Stankeye hypothesizes - I'm more than OK because it would solve a Giants problem as well gain a potential benefit. In any case, I think most of the opposition comes from the unshakeable belief that Durham WILL be a starter, so therefore Frandsen will ONLY play at all if it is at 3rd base. Were that the case, it would not be to Sabean/Bochy's credit. Look, if you aren't going to win the Miguel Cabrera race (or even if you are) you have a lot of "ifs" when you are rebuilding. So you give yourself some options when you don't have sure things.

You know, I hate to be doing this. Usually, I am surrounded by irrational exuberance when I am hesitantly hopeful at best. Now, it seems the world (or at least the blog world) consists of abject pessimism. Maybe I should post on Ron's new blog, "Schpilkus."

M.C. O'Connor said...

Crede is an upgrade over Feliz, but only marginally so. He has a lifetime OBA of .305 in 700 games. Like Feliz, he's a good fit for the 6th or 7th slot in the lineup (except on out team, where he'd hit cleanup). I don't want to lose draft picks or young arms for another 6th place hitter. If the ChiSox want Roberts or Durham, fine (they don't). If we had legit no. 3 and 4 guys, high avg/slg types, Crede would be welcome. But we don't, so why waste resources on him?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Corey Koskie is a free agent. Old (34), but more productive than Crede (lifetime .367, tho lately more of a .340 guy). Sign him for 2 years. DFA Durham.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Scratch that about Koskie. Apparently he has Matheny's syndrome: post-concussion. He may never play again. You never think of baseball players being at risk for that, like footballers. I wonder how many undiagnosed guys from "back in the day" are out there. Probably quite a few. Here's the link: Koskie's Career

It is from Jerry Crasnick at ESPN.