Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tim in his Element

I always figured that a rainy, cold night at the PhoneBook would be the perfect conditions for The Enchanter. After all, he's a Seattle boy. I suppose I should be critical of the walk...but you really can't complain about
5 0 0 0 1 9
(Photo credit to Giants Jottings. Thanks for a great spring!)

Great comments from BayCityBall:
"The Giants won their first game in almost a week but the story of the night was Lincecum’s performance. Watching Barry Zito walk 4 guys per game while pumping out mid-80’s heat will most likely get old by June. But Lincecum, at the minimum, is exciting to watch. That type of excitement will make one of the worst teams in the MLB slightly more fun to watch. When Lincecum takes the mound, anything can happen. His style couldn’t be any more different than Zito’s. Zito nibbles and pitches up in the zone with a BP fastball. Lincecum rears back and fires mid-90’s fastballs paired with a devastating curveball. He attacks hitters. He’s small. He’s a freak. He’s just fun to watch."

I was a litle surprised at the low pitch count (67), seems like he could have gone another inning. Another example of special treatment?

Special Agent Jack Taschner has been excellent all spring, including 2 strong innings last night. He still has an option, right? I've always liked Taschner, but I love Threets' velocity. Tough call. I sure hope we don't keep any pitchers over 35, sorry Kline and Yabu.

Last chance for roster predictions!!! How will Sabean "rebuild"????


M.C. O'Connor said...

Great post, amigo! Quite the line by our young stud. I refuse to make roster predictions. Boch & Sabes are too obtuse for my ESP to penetrate. But I want Threets and Taschner and NO KLINE. Knowing B & S, they'll think we need Kline and JT will be demoted, er, "optioned."

M.C. O'Connor said...

KLINE DFA'd!!!!!
Never thought I'd see the day. Now we get Taschner and Threets (JT & ET), and we get to "Merk 'em" when they're down!

Here's my Linkster Haiku:

Tim the Enchanter
Fastball, Changeup, Slider, Curve
I call that ALL OUT

Anonymous said...

Your damn right it was me who said "It's all about Bonds," but a couple wiser words have definitely been said. Did you see "Little Miss Sunshine?" Alan Arkin shares this advise with his emo grandson:"Fuck LOTS of women." That may be #1.
My counter-intuition tells me the Giants just CAN'T be as bad as logic would suppose them to be. Someone has to surprise us and exceed expectations. If we stack the roster with enough "speedy negroes" good things will happen.
Brother Bob