Friday, March 7, 2008


Just another entry in the "Good Thing It's Spring" department:

Matt Cain is the latest San Francisco starter to struggle.
The Giants' right-hander lasted just 2 1/3 innings against the Angels on Thursday, allowing five runs on five hits including a two-run homer to Vladimir Guerrero.

Lowry needs surgery. That's good. It means his mind is OK, his control issues were physical. Frandsen won't be the SS. That's good. It wasn't fair to jerk him around like that. Give him the 2B job he has earned. Messenger is sent down. That's good. He hasn't done well. This gives Merkin Valdez a better chance to make the final cut. (And what about Erik Threets?)

Otherwise, we really stink. That's bad.


Zo said...

If you don't like the idea of a potential trade, the Lowry surgery makes a potential trade less likely, because there is one less player available to trade. No one is going to want Lowry until they see what he looks like when he pitches again, and we are not going to want to offer one of his replacements.

Judging from the sound of things, I am not sure this will be that quick of a recovery for Noah. So they slit the bag (fascia) that held the muscle so it can expand, now what? Does the bag grow re-enclose in a larger size? Does it never grow back? What happens as the muscle swells next time? Does it poke through? Maybe Dr. JP has some experience with this sort of thing.

JC Parsons said...

Howdy there o, mystic one.
I am no expert, but I seem to remember that the fascia doesn't really regrow and is actually sewn back shut up few days later. Racehorses get it, I think...

The thing that worries me about this injury is how rare it seems. There doesn't seem to be alot of other occurences in baseball. Too many unknowns.

Ron said...

Meanwhile, doesn't it turn your stomach to see our lineup every day with Bengie as our clean-up hitter? Nothing against Tubby, but what a sign that is that our lineup is a total joke. There have been many first-year expansion teams in baseball history with more formidable lineups.

But, otherwise, life is good - I meet Susana tomorrow! By next Thursday, she'll be up here with me for 4 weeks! April 6 is the first Wedding here in Oregon! Sue & Dan: please be advised that I, too, am now on the AARP Mailing List. Ray Durham & Rich Aurilia will be soon, too!