Thursday, March 26, 2009

Of arms and the man I sing*

The man, of course, being Bruce Bochy. And the singing is metaphorical, have no fear. Let's see what the team muse, Chris Haft, has to say:

Until then, the Giants have three bullpen openings for seven contenders: left-handers Alex Hinshaw and Jack Taschner and right-handers Osiris Matos, Brandon Medders, Justin Miller, Luis Perdomo and Merkin Valdez.

He goes on to say that Valdez is out of options. Perdomo is a Rule V guy, which means we have to give him back (to St.L.) if we don't keep him on the ML squad. We all know JCP has a serious man-crush on Merkin, and who doesn't like a 6-5, 230-lb. flamethrowing Dominincan? He's a strapping, manly fellow, but his downside is injury risk. He's out of options (see Rob Neyer's primer; MV has been on the club since '05), so he makes it. As far as Perdomo goes, I can't fathom the minds of the Briantrust (thanks, Theo, I'm using that from now on), so I don't know if they care enough to keep him. I think the Rule V status will not make a difference. If so, I think the Medders-Miller pair is more likely to stick. We'll need another lefty, like Hinshaw or Taschner, but the vibe on Special Agent Jack is not good. So I'm putting my money on Hinshaw. At this point, the permutations are too mind-boggling to sort out, and I have to go to work some time this morning. So, I leave it to you guys--11 or 12? We know who'll be starting (the Big Five) and we've got the Relief Triumvirate (Wilson, Affeldt, Howry), but the rest is up for grabs. Be The Man for today and tell me who you'd keep.

*Arma virumque cano


allfrank said...

If these are, in fact, the choices, I don't think the final result is hard to predict. Hishaw and Taschner don't deserve a spot. Miller and Medders do.
One spot left, and Valdez is more deserving than Perdomo. That leaves Matos in AAA.

M.C. O'Connor said...

No left-hander?

Every team has to have a LOOGY!

Theo said...

I'm flattered you're borrowing my material, let's make "briantrust" the next "lunatic fringe."

Anonymous said...
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