Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Put some lead in yer pencils, mates, and . . .


If it is true (q.v. Baggs via ELM) that Emmanuel Burriss is staying with the big club and NOT starting the year in AAA, then that is bad news for Ay-You-Hay-Knee-Oh Velez. Here's how it shakes out (JCP and I spent an hour on this last night):

C--SeƱor Slow, and his backup, the world's luckiest man, Steve Holm.

That's SIX guys.

Four outfielders are set:

RF--that RF-guy
4th OF--Schierholtz

This Andres Torres fellow is showing some mad skills in center, and our hilarious joke of a $60 million CF who can't hit or field or apparently play a full season will need lots of subbing. I think we need a real OF glove coming off the bench. Our park demands fast OFs with range. We give the #5 slot to him.

That makes ELEVEN.

With 12 pitchers, we keep 2 more guys, with 11 pitchers we keep 3 more. Let's go with 11 arms, at least to start, that seems to be the buzz from camp. If Burriss backs up at 2B and SS, and Uribe backs up at 3B and SS, and Aurilia backs up at 1B and 3B, then we have a full roster. This also allows for Sandoval to get a break from the hot corner. Uribe and Aurilia give me no joy, but Velez can't play first or third, and we've got two (possibly three with Uribe) second basemen, and two backup outfielders, so there's no role for Eugenio. His only chance was to be the last OF spot and I suspect Torres' glove is too good to let that happen. Also, Torres is fast and he's a switch-hitter. (The one wild-card is Jesus Guzman. He's earned a spot with his stick, but they have no faith in his glove. In a Sabean-Bochy universe, that means Uribe.)

So that's the 25-man roster without having to do the hard work of picking relievers. We'll do that later.


Bob said...

You've probably got it right. I'd keep Velez for the entertainment value and put Aurelia out to pasture. Maybe hold onto Guzman and send down Holm, and let Sandoval continue the shuttle of positions. I don't know about this Torres guy. I checked his profile. Where has he been the last 3 years?

Zo said...

Velez is fast. Really fast. But other than that, I never have seen what the allure of the man is. He may have some big hits in him, but he seems far, far from a major league player to me. He needs to play in the minors, and improve significantly before making the big club.

I'd like to see Ishikawa and Frandsen, although I also would not be surprised to see them have seasons that show their years and lack of experience. I hope otherwise and think that they will be fun to watch, unless they prove too painful an illustration of misplaced hope.

allfrank said...

I just got back from Az, saw three games and came away VERY impressed with Torres. Guy loves the game, doesn't show any hot weather lethargy, and is just outstanding with the glove. He is easily our best AF, and we have some decent ones. He is not only fast but knows how to use his speed. I hope this guy makes the team

M.C. O'Connor said...

Thanks for that tidbit, A-f, the more I hear about this guy the more I like him.

I wanna go to spring training!!!!

Theo said...

Have I missed something? Is Frandsen the starter at second? Their playing time has been pretty equal, but from what I know the edge is going to Burriss?

Obviously the team, after sticking with him this far, will give K-Fran some kind of chance, but I don't think he'll be a player.

E-Man is just more dynamic, and this team needs as much dynamite as it can find. Give me Torres, Guzman and Velez early and often.

I saw Velez myself last week and he's improved, at least instinctively. He can read pick off moves better, and his outfield play looked decent.

If the Briantrust (see how I did that) wastes this year giving guys like Uribe and Aurilia at bats they should let the fans in for free. That's what you had the last four years to do.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Rosterbation isn't always about pleasure, sometimes it is just relief.

The thought of BOTH Uribe and Aurlia on the team is indeed scary, but the corners are big risks. Ishikawa is a rookie, basically, and Sandoval is in a new position. If Velez played the corner spots, he'd be in for sure. I think the Briantrust wants the old stiffs for insurance.

I think 2B is Frandsen's job to lose, just by seniority. If Burriss steps up and takes it away, so be it. I got the feeling they didn't like his work at SS, but if he can back up The Rental, that makes Uribe superfluous.

Anonymous said...

Aurilia backs up 1st and 3rd. Frandsen starts at 2nd, or at least sticks as the backup 2nd/SS (he's out of minor league options). Torres is backup CF/pinch hitter/pinch runner/late-inning D replacement, while Velez starts at 2nd and/or LF in Fresno (he needs to play every day to learn defense and base running - it would severely hurt his future to spend time on the bench in SF). Guzman starts at 1st in Fresno (he needs a lot of seasoning at that position), but is the first call-up if Ishi flames out in April and May. That leaves Burriss and Uribe for the last spot. If Burriss wins the starting spot at 2nd then send Uribe down to Fresno, otherwise Uribe stays to backup 2nd and SS, and Burriss starts everday at SS in Fresno (he also needs to play every day). I also hate to think of having both Aurillia and Uribe taking up ABs and innings, but Velez and Burriss still need to gain experience by playing every day - they're way too young and green to be sitting on the bench at this time in their careers. We can get a much better read on what their futures are by having them play every day in Fresno than by wasting away on the SF bench now. If they only keep 11 pitchers the first month of the seasons (because of all the off days) then I'd keep Guzman as the big bat on the bench before shipping him down to Fresno.