Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saved by the bang, undone by the whimper

6 7 2 2 4 3

I was not happy when Bonehead left Cain in the game to hit in the 6th. It was a situation that screamed for a pinch-hitter (he'd thrown 99 stressful pitches at that point). Kershaw was blowing us away, and Cain, predictably, was K victim #10. But M.C. "nutted up" and got through the 6th without damage, so I guess it's "all good." But I'd have yanked him and put up our studly PH with pop, and then sent our long man out there to give me three and take the heat off the 'pen. You know, those guys on our roster who do that. You know, what's-his-name and that other guy.

Matt had a horrible first inning, and survived. He labored all night with poor control and had a hard time getting strike three. I was encouraged by the 7 ground balls, I think that's a key indicator for him. Ultimately, he only gave up two runs to a good, hot-hitting lineup. That could be attributed to luck, or to Cain's iron resolve and general awesomeness. Take your pick.

I'm willing to give Clayton Kershaw credit for his overpowering performance, after all, one hit and thirteen strikeouts is damn impressive. And we scored as soon as he was taken out of the game. Matt Cain was saved another "L" in Chavez Latrine by Gomer's big bomb. Boy, that was a thrilling moment. We had looked so bad all night, it was nice to get some redemption. (There's some fellers on our squad who need to spend some Time in the Cage with Carney, I won't mention any names.)

The enemy got two runs in the 8th to negate no. 33's heroics, which was a shame. It looked like we were going to steal a win there. Now it is past my bedtime (2200 PDT). I'll find out in the morning** how this one turns out.

**UPDATE 0639: I'm glad I turned it off. A blown DP and a WALK? I know, I know, our veteran savvy leaders will show us the way and guide the youngsters and lead us to the Land o' Milk & Honey. Unfortunately, the Lo'M&H looks a lot like last year.

(Four strikeouts for Mississippi Fred? Ugh. That's givin' me the blues, man.)


Bob said...

It's pretty awful right now. Bad pitching and bad hitting. Sandoval can't hit anything anymore and is at .179. Maybe they all figured him out. Something is clearly wrong when Rowand is our finest asset.
What's with the day off in the middle of a series?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Major bummer game. We got the big, dramatic, game-changing hit, then we pissed it away with team-wide ineptitude.