Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stopper Sanchez

The team's #5 starter performed like an ace last night to stop a dreadful 6-game losing streak. Jonathan Sanchez threw 6.2 shutout innings at the D-Backs and allowed just 2 hits, with 4 Ks and 4 walks.
The bullpen did a fine job too. Wilson got the last 4 outs and got save #1 for the year.
So what's the deal with our starting pitching? Is Lincecum going to pull his shit together? Is Cain ever going to establish any consistency? Is Johnson indeed the second coming of Steve Carlton as a Giant? Will Zito ever stop driving us crazy? Can Sanchez stay as good as he's shown he can be?


JC Parsons said...

Of course, Tim will get it together. Look for a good outing today.

Cain is actually pretty consistent, except for winning, which is rarely his fault. The law of averages is in his favor, plus I believe he is improving...he may not lose all year!!

Did Carlton last a whole season? Truthfully I don't know what to expect from the big eunich, except for consistently HOF ugly. He is the only good thing about not having TV coverage.

In one way, Zito may "drive crazy" the Giants FOREVER. The worst contract EVER possibility, which is still out there, is a badge of shame.

I actually doubt that Sanchez can do it. After all, consistency is what makes superstars, like Tim. Sanchez has talent but not the discipline, ethic or whatever it is that makes it possible to bring it every day.

My biggest fear concerning our starters (whom I consider very good) is lack of depth. WHEN one of these guys loses time, who fills in?

M.C. O'Connor said...

Andres Torres showed some mad skillz with the stick, yo!

According to FanGraphs, Molina's single in the 4th off Haren (to make it 1-0) raised our "Win Expectancy" from 54.1% to 66.4%. When Wilson struck out Reynolds to end the top of the 8th, our WE went from 77.7% to 86.9%. Torres' coup de grace in the bottom pushed it to 94.1%


Bob said...

In 1986 Carlton started 6 games for the Giants. He was 1-3 with an ERA of 5.10 and a WHIP of 1.733. He threw a total of 30.0 innings as a Giant.
He moved on to the White Sox and knocked around the AL a couple more years.