Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unsharp Tim

What a f@cking weird game!

With towering expectations hovering, the third youngest Opening Day pitcher ever for our Giants had a really shitty outing. Tim Lincecum never got command of his fastball. Seventy-eight pitches later...three tortured innings...and the defending Cy Young stud was done! How f@cking weird is that?

Well, the weirdest part of all is THAT WE WON!!! Three homers (from the gnarly vets) were featured in a TEN RUN attack. (Last year it took us the first 6 games to get 12 runs total.) The BIG HIT was delivered by Travis Ishikawa in the first, though - a clutch three run triple.

At least the bullpen wasn't totally weird today. In fact, I would pick the whole crowd (except Hinshaw) as my POTG. Howry was cool striking out the side, but I liked the quiet 1-2-3 inning that Medders delivered.

A victory is swell, but....that was too weird. My brain hurts. Did we learn something? Does Rowand have a chance? Will Pablo get two hits every game of his career? Will we turn 3 dp's every game?

Is Tim human?


M.C. O'Connor said...

Yes, he is, sadly.

But he's a freakish human.

He'll be back.

Bob said...

Yay we won. We're an offensive juggernaut. So why do I feel compelled to point out the negatives? Pablo had an unforgivable AB- with a man on third and no outs he left him there. Lewis made an awful throw home to a runner who wasn't even going, but the throw was so bad he walked home. Joe Martinez was lousy even though he got the W. (He shall be forgiven based on rookie debut nerves) Molina couldn't keep anyone from stealing. And our starting pitcher... well that's been covered. Actually he wasn't totally bad. He can still get the K when he needs it. Doesn't he look extra thin? Even for him?

Theo said...

Bummer Bob,

Pablo was, for the first time in my memory, bit by his swing at anything mentality. Let's see if it's John Bowker 2.0 or an aberration.

Lewis's throw was off a ground ball through the grass. Remember that all the water that was on the tarp was essentially dumped in left as it was removed from the infield dirt. So, I will assume that ball was damp and give him a pass.

JoeMa did look vulnerable, but eventually the ground balls found a glove, and given the odds they find more gloves than holes (even with our infield).

You can't blame Bengie for the steals, 90% of that is off the pitcher. I'll admit his arm strength hasn't looked great this spring, but he's also getting no help.

As for our Wonder Boy, Jon Miller introduced him at 1:12 pm. At that point he was still stretching and hadn't thrown one pitch off the mound. By 1:29 the games first pitch had been delivered, and the season was under way. Basically Tim, and the rest of the Giants, had about 20 minutes to get ready after thinking they would be waiting out a storm for several hours. As for his weight, he looks normal to me. Perhaps over the off season we built up his frame in our collective minds in order to match his stuff.