Monday, July 6, 2009


The wonderful first half of the season came to a close on a bit of a sour note yesterday: a loss and injury to Randy Johnson. Losing is not such a big deal; after all Roy Oswalt is damn good. We won the series and that is clearly this team's focus.

But what about losing The Big Eunuch? Again, no big deal. He is scheduled to pitch once in the next two weeks due to the All-Star break. The timing is perfect for him to take a break anyway. Another benefit could be giving Sanchez a spot to return to since Sadowski sure isn't ready to leave yet. I think Joe Martinez is available to return as well. So you see, assuming this is a mild strain, this injury could actually prove to be helpful: Johnson needs a break and Sanchez/Sadowski/Martinez? need more exposure.

What will happen next? Put Johnson on DL? Call someone up? You be the GM !!!

(MC O'Connor is at the game tonight! He'll be the one throwing his panties at Matt Cain. MOC will be back posting in a couple days. Good luck, dude.)

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Bob said...

Johnson will probably go on the 15 day DL. Frandsen will come up and continue to be hitless, or nearly so. Sanchez will return to the rotation. Alright, I'm cheating, this has all happened already.