Saturday, July 18, 2009

Battling Tim

"Hope everybody likes pitcher's duels."

These were the last cyber-words off my fingertips. I may just keep them in my clipboard for easy pasting. Yesterday's edition featured our own Ace Tim Lincecum against....well, does it really matter, our offense can turn anybody into Koufax-for-a-day. The duel, which felt more like a crusade, ended poorly, 2-1 after 14 innings. Let's look over the battle field, shall we?

The Franchise was once again effective but failed to get a decision. Tim used 118 pitches to complete 7 innings while yielding a solo HR, a double, 3 singles, and one walk. Throw in 10 strikeouts and it definitely deserves a win. The bullpen added some incredibly smooth work ( until the lightning bolt ending ) so they actually survived well, considering. Howry may need to be locked away for awhile, though.

The outlook on the other side of the squad is much more bleak. From the looks of things Aurilla and Renteria are definitely casualties. RIP dudes, it's time to dig the graves . The Gomer took a hard blow with an OH-FOR-SIX!! and many fear this could signal the end of a good run for him. As a team we mustered a double and 6 singles, 0-6 with RISP, 2 walks and 15 punchouts, ALL IN 14 INNINGS; that's gettin' your butt whupped. No big surprise, really. However, given the timing ( now that we are contenders, chuckle ) this type of showing could cause us to pull off some desperate for a hitter trade. The deadline looms and our mortal enemies are showing signs of weakening. I fear the temptation will be too great for Sabes to resist; one last redeeming transaction, for the team and for a new contract.

In the end, just another lost battle in a long war. No new weakness exposed. In other words,

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ps. Sorry for all the military imagery...I'm really a hippie at heart. Here's a peace offering - this is the best bit of Giants writing I have read lately. This guy is a good writer.

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M.C. O'Connor said...

Jaysus, 14 fookin' innings and we get 1 run, scored on an error? Not good. We cannot afford to lose when Tim or Matt pitches. With Zito tonight, we have GOT to score some runs. He's coming off his his worst performance EVER!

Look out for the Crockies.