Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's true

All that stuff JC and Ron have been preaching about "pitching, pitching, pitching" is true. You can win without an offense. We don't have to look for proof--it is right in front of us. We've been muscling up lately, I note, heading toward my favorite Weaverism (pitching, fundamentals, 3-run HRs), and that gladdens my heart. Nonetheless our hitting remains frightfully suspect. It sure doesn't seem to matter with our pitchers, though. Hell, Sanchez was our worst guy not too long ago! I like that we've stood pat and not made any moves. This team has hugely outperformed my expectations and I'm ready to take this ride to wherever it goes. The Brian Trust has had the sense--so far--not too mess with the merchandise. Whether our success is by accident or design I no longer care, this season is just too much fun.

I've a special birthday party to attend this evening and will miss Matt's start and, of course, the game. Keep the zeroes going, Matt! Go Giants!

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