Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our guys 6, their guy 3

It takes a fookin' village, eh? The Great Old One got 16 outs including whiffing El Hombre in the first. Must have pissed him off, as Phat Albert spent the rest of the game vainly trying to beat us single-handedly. The old, non-hitting Giants would have collapsed like a bad soufflé, but this version, this new, big-hitting team brushed aside the 2-HR, 3-RBI onslaught like the President swats flies. We pounded the crap out of Chris Carpenter! That's no mean feat, buckos. We quickly reverted to form against their bullpen, but as Chris Q points out, there's some serious cheese in that crew. We've surged past the Padres (.694) for 15th place in team OPS (.702), but I like our trend line.* The bottom line is wins, and we are racking them up with far more frequency (55.3%) than I would have guessed. I liked the three DPs we turned, especially the one induced by Affeldt in the 6th. Who knew Juan Uribe would get the coveted "slick-fielding second-sacker" moniker? We haven't tossed that one around since the days of, I don't know, Manny Trillo and Duane Kuiper perhaps? Romo struggled with his control of all things, Righetti's Visit of Doom in the 8th was good-bad, as Sergio got the K and then gave up the double. Not all RVODs are alike, apparently. Wilson's 4-out save was his league-leading 6th of the "more than three outs variety," 21st overall if you are counting.

Jason Marquis beat Chad Billingsley last night to nab the NL X-prize. Matt Cain gets another shot tonight. If the rotation holds, I will get to see Matt Cain pitch in person on Monday!

*check out the trendy Giants showing rare power of late story!

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Bob said...

Remember June Swoons? I think they mostly happened in the sixties when we finished second almost every year.