Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not good

No. 75 throws a fine game and we get shut out, managing only five hits. That hurts! And the fookin' Crockies win in SD, giving them a 49-41 record, just like us. My worst nightmare about the 2nd half of the season is playing itself out in the first two games. I'm glad there are 72 more, you know, because this road trip is seriously freaking me out. Matt Cain gets a shot to stop the three-game losing streak tomorrow afternoon, and then we face the hungry, under-performing Atlanta Braves. We miss Javier Vasquez, but have to face crafty vet Derek Lowe and emerging stud Jair Jurrjens. Then it is on to Colorado for what is looking more and more like a crucial showdown with a division rival. We've scored ONE RUN in 23 innings. That's got to change, lads.

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JC Parsons said...

Huge start for Matt today. If he can get a win with these hitters that will clearly show what a great year he is having. Plus beating the pirates is proving to be impossible (like Ron warned) so this could be a major turning point for Matt. I expect your post to match that intensity. No pressure.

The Ishikawa experiment must end. If he really had any upside I would say give him more time, but his numbers have never justified a trip to the majors. I think maybe move Pablo to 1st and start swapping in new 3rd basemen? Not that I know who. Can't use Aurilia. This problem was here before the season started. Everybody acts like we have to make a move now when really we had to make a move then. Oh well. A couple wins and panic mode will subside...but our offense will still suck.

Everybody ready for the Rowand swan dive? He did this last year, good start, then death. He must go back to #6 soon and take days off against RHP (like yesterday). More time for Fred. meh.

Good news
about the future (REMEMBER, we are rebuilding!). I especially am excited by Dominguez, a big guy already signed and playing well. Another good draft means we will be in it for a while.