Friday, August 7, 2009

Acrimonius Tim

OK, it's not Tim that's pissed off. It's me. Man, my cachongas are so steamed I can barely see straight, let alone type coherently. The Giants just made their FIFTH ERROR while the bullpen WALKED THE GAME AWAY. This game should be forgotten on so many levels. My hope is that every key stroke will suck the toxins from my soul, yet the opposite seems to be happening...Quick, let's talk about what little good I can remember:

#1) Tim is probably calm and satisfied with his work. As he should be. He deserved his 13th victory with a solid 7 innings, 6 hits (including only one double), 2 earned runs, 1 walk and 7 strikeouts. The Reds were pesky and made Tim work, but he contained them. The Franchise also continues to improve at the plate with a great single in front of Babe Velez' shot into the Arcade. Which I guess leads to...
#2) Eugenio continues to hold down the leadoff spot and leftfield. The guy is playing inspired ball. It was hard to believe that he kept that line drive homer fair. When Nate comes back we may have a real nice problem on our hands.
#3) I only saw the first seven innings; stopping with our boys up 5-3. Either I never should have left or I'm damn glad I did...I don't know which. The good part is where I watched the game. My lovely bride and I enjoyed drinks (Irish coffee for me, Manhattan for her) at the San Benito Saloon in Half Moon Bay and watched it on the big screen there. A warm evening for this gorgeous coastal village caused us to take a walk after our libations and that's when the game turned to shit. Yeah, it was probably my fault. Oh well, it was a nice walk.

Hey, it worked! I feel better. I no longer want to eviscerate Edgar Rentalria. I will cancel my appointment to have Brian Wilson's eyeballs tattooed. Thanks for listening.


Bob said...

Something's wrong with Affeldt. The last couple of times I've seen him he's been useless, a big contrast to his untouchableness previously.
Last night's home plate umpire was a joke. His strike zone was all over the place.
Velez's homer was a screaming liner that would have splashed if it hadn't hit the brick pillar. Pretty remarkable.
Is it unlucky to win your 13th game? Our boys seem to be trying to avoid it.

M.C. O'Connor said...

You have to figure Affeldt will be bad SOME of the time. Mostly, he's been great. The Rental, on the other hand, has a .628 OPS, that is Dave Roberts level. We will be paying him to go away next year. I wonder if FSanchez still has his SS glove.

M.C. O'Connor said...

One of the radio guys pointed out last night (after they took out Tim with 7 K), that he'd had at least 8 K in his previous ten starts. Pedro Martinez had been the last guy to do that, but I can't remember the year.

Zo said...

Affeldt did his job today, striking out one batter in the eighth. Wilson allowed a single, but got a double play. Velez hit another right field smash. Fred got to play, got some hits. I was just wondering when we were going to sit Winn, as he has been fairly useless lately. Last night's game was infuriating - they just choked on so many levels. I had to wonder if I could really believe in this team, just after they finally won a road trip (OK, only a three game road trip). I guess I am fickle.

allfrank said...

Hey, if you want 'happily ever after,' go to the fucking movies. A great team loses 40% of their games. Every single year will have some melt downs - often they came after an off day.
Oh, I agree, it is maddening as hell, ruins a good night, but it is not the team, it is baseball

Zo said...

I know that - it is just discouraging to watch. Besides, a lot went wrong yesterday (unlike today). It was the difference between a meltdown and a loss.