Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cain's pain

8 8 1 1 1 3
Game Score 64

G-Style can bite you on the ass as well, eh? Damn Giants! That sweep was there for the taking and we came up short. Another fine start by Matt Cain in a season full of fine starts. Alas, number 13 is indeed unlucky. So we head to Colorado two games back of them, and only five behind LA. The Crockies, only three back--LA has the narrowest division lead in the league--have to feel good. The Giants are closer to first place than every other team in baseball except the Chicago White Sox (and the Crockies, of course) who are 2-1/2 behind Detroit in the AL Central! Texas is 5-1/2 back of Anaheim.

Let's get some hits and score some runs.


Zo said...

I especially liked how Bochy replaced Travis Ishikawa (who himself was a replacement for Ryan Garko at first) in his first at bat with savvy veteran Edgar Renteria who promptly grounded into a double play to end the Giants man-on-first-and-third-one-out-threat in the eighth. Hell, Ishikawa could have done that. But it does give me some insight into how Bochy actually goes about selecting pinch hitters in situational at bats. Some managers, I know, are fanatics about righty vs lefty and vice versa, others rely on stats including such things as RISP, vs a particular pitcher and day vs night games. Bochy - he just keeps a list of birthdays, so he can scan the list and send the oldest guy to the plate.

Bob said...

Good one Zo. Maybe you're right.
The Giants have hit into tons of DPs this year. Is there a record for that?
Matt Cain lacks a solid nickname. Maybe it can be "Twelve Game Winner" Cain. It's apparently a permanent status.
Maybe he and Lincecum like each other so much they subconsciously don't want to upstage the other by getting #13. Remember Alphonse and Gaston? "After you," "No, after you," "No, after you," etc.