Sunday, August 16, 2009

Frankie's revenge

It took 19 pitches for Francisco Rodriguez to get those three strikeouts in the 9th, so I suppose that qualifies as "battling." Today he closed the door on us after giving up the game winner to the Money-Man yesterday. Having used up closer Brian Wilson with a 2-2/3 stint we had to stick with Sergio "Oh-No" Romo and Jeremy "Not Quite Lights-Out" Affeldt and the result was another painful loss. Affeldt has pitched brilliantly all season long and his latest struggles merely illustrate our over-reliance on run-prevention. We've got no margin for error, unfortunately, and we wasted a fine effort by Jonathan Sanchez (GmSc 64). I'm pretty encouraged by JSanchez lately, and I think he'll be our go-to lefty next season. Whoops, there, I did it. I talked about next season. I was not going to do that, what with our playoff chase and all, but it slipped out. My bad.

It's Livan Freakin' Hernandez tomorrow, and we have got to whup his ass. I will not tolerate being mesmerized by that guy. He's not good enough to be a 5th starter on our team, fer chrissakes!

C'mon Giants, get some goddamn hits and score some goddamn runs!


Bob said...

JSanchez has been solid for a good long stretch now. I suppose now he's too good to trade, huh?
I was worried that Velez had completely lost his mojo, but he had a couple of nice hits today. And if he was playing left field the Giants win this game. Lewis is a crappy outfielder.

Ron said...

Shouldn't we be one of the teams trying to get John Smoltz, now that he has been DFA'd? Why not replace our DL'd future Hall-of-Famer with a healthy future Hall-of-Famer? I think that it's a no-risk no-brainer - we need a 5th starter.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I thought the same at first, but then I realized we'd have to dump someone off the 40-man roster. And I must admit I like the idea of seeing guys like Joe Martinez and Kevin Pucetas and etc. getting a shot. Smoltz may have something left in the tank, but I'm not sure he's worth the "cost" of one of our younger guys getting a look.