Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Tonight's win was the team's 16th shutout. That leads the majors. (Second place? The Reds, with 11.) G-Style is all about the latest thing: run prevention, baby. That's what we do, we pitch like hell and hope for the best! Olympic Nate served notice with another big hit, driving in a rejuvenated Rental, and the bullpen flashed its muscle with six strikeouts in three innings of work. You have to be encouraged by another good start from Zito. If this guy can be average or above-average the rest of the way that will help our chances quite a bit. Garko!Garko!Garko! got two more hits, as did Uribe, and to be fair, so did Cap'n Gomer. I like guys who get two-hits in a game, don't you? Let's see some more of that, eh? If we keep our .133 shutout average (ShO/GP) going, we should see 5.6 more (42 * .133)! I think that means one of them will be a rain-shortened game. (I know we already had one of those, but it wasn't a shutout.)

The Cain Train rolls tomorrow morning. GO GIANTS!


Ron said...

Thanks in part to the Cardinals, we are 4 1/2 behind la - now isn't that the darndest thing. We all knew la would eventually cool off, but we assumed that we would, too. Woo-hoo!

Zo said...

As was pointed out in the SF Comical this morning, Zito has the best era of our top three starters since the All Star break. I wish the Giants could get some wins for these guys, though. On July 24, Matt Cain won his 12th in Colorado. Since then he has had 4 starts without a win. Tim won his 11th on July 27, he has had 4 starts since then and won one. Zito, the least snake-bit in this regard lately, won his 8th on August 8, but has not won in his previous two starts in spite of good performances. I guess this suggests that the Giants are able to score late in games (sometimes) and have good relief pitching.

Early trend-wise, it seems as though the Giants have reversed the ability to have an outsized win percentage at home and lose on the road. We won 2 of 3 in Houston (admittedly a short road trip), then puked up our home series against the Reds and smogsuckers, losing 4 of 6, but, what do you know, have won 4 of 6 so far. Is a sweep in Cincinnati and a victory for Matt Cain too much to ask for? How about a follow up winning series in Colorado? J. Sanchez, J. Martinez, Tim and Zito are lined up.

Zo said...

Is a sweep in Cincinnati and a victory for Matt Cain too much to ask for?

Yes, apparently so.