Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm taking my liquor intravenously

and I suggest you do the same.

At least I know that the odds of Tim pitching a shutout tomorrow are waaaaaaay better than us scoring 4 runs in a game, so I think we can win 1-0 or 2-0.

Damn galling to lose to those Smogsucking LAtriners in our yard where we are supposed to have some kind of home-field advantage over the poor, whining visiting squads. The Blue Goo beat us at our own game, that is, the game you are supposed to complement good pitching with: working counts, situational hitting, smart baserunning, good fielding, you know the drill, you've heard Ol' Boch drone on about it, like that does any fookin' good. Extra-base hits with men on base are always nice, of course.

I tell you, this "offense" is offensive. FSanchez is hurt. Ain't that grand? We get our shiny, new, little sporty ride and now we gotta take it to the shop to fix some dangling fookin' doohickey. What kind of shite is that?

This little run of wretchedness has exposed our fatal flaw. We are a Tim & Matt team, a 1-2 punch, and if either of them miss we are on fumes only. For the record, I'm not worried about Matt. He's had a little bad luck lately. He's still the same guy, still has the big fastball and the big heart. He's going to have stretches where some of those flyballs are HRs, that's baseball probabilities at work.

What's killing us is the lack of any other weapons. You ought to be able to use your knife if your gun jams, or swing your stick if your fist wasn't enough. We go into these battles with half the arsenal of the other guys, and guile and grit don't quite make up the difference.

It's a day game tomorrow, don't forget. I'll take some solace knowing that we've got our superstar going. I've no doubt that Ol' Boch will be raiding the medicine cabinet for extra ampules of VSC--that ought to get us our "must" win. Wha? Me? Uh, no thanks Bruce, I'll stick with whiskey.


JC Parsons said...

That is a couple posts in a row with heavy drinking references. You worry me, bhoyo. Remember we still have a way to go.
When Tim wins today we are quite possibly back into a tie for the WC. A run of 6-6, not great but we faced some good teams (fooking reds were a pain!) Not much has changed; our offense has sucked from day one and we still win more than lose. We all knew Velez had a down side but he is still a plus. FSanchez playing 2 out of 3 is still WAY better than what we had. The only bad sign lately is Matt and I am suppose to not worry about that. (Even though his ERA and wins are sweet, aren't some of his peripherals trending poorly, like k/9 and slugging pct?)

Of course, if Tim blows chow I'll meet you at the pub and the drinks are on me.

Bob said...

Arrgh. Shit. WTF? Damn.

Zo said...

I agree with Bob.
Was treated to the best seats I have experienced at the PhoneCo, about 5 rows behind the Giants' dugout for last night's whuppin. doggers hit balls out, Giants hit them just shy of the warning track. doggers are patient hitters, Giants gave up their first 12 outs on less than two pitches per out. It bears repeating. Four innings, less than two pitches per out. Why the fuck don't they watch a pitch sometimes? doggers had a .300 hitter batting eighth, Giants have a .265 hitter batting fourth. Giants lost their third game in a row to a sub-.500 pitcher. Manny made an out in his last at bat, after two IBB, a double and a homer. Although it galls me to say it, Manny stands in the box like Bonds - two strikes do not mean anything to him. He can (and did) look like shit missing two pitches, and then hit a home run. FSanchez' knee is tweaked, he is not in the shop. I have really liked his contributions so far. Joe looked really good for awhile, my seats were not a good place to judge pitches, but I think the doggers may have figured him out as much as he made mistakes. Valdez looked good. For all the whining about Renteria, he had 50% of the hits last night and his fly out was almost to the right field foul pole.

As long as Velez can hit like he has lately (but not last night) I like the Velez/Sanchez/Sandoval top of the order. That is a big improvement over what we have had all season up to now. After that, still some work needs to be done. I like our relief if we are ahead. My long-standing hypothesis is that a team needs at least a solid closer and an equally good set up man to compete. Assuming you label Wilson a solid closer, with Valdez and Romo and Affeldt, we are looking good. Of course, that doesn't much matter if you don't have a lead to hold. I could see this upcoming road trip kind of packing the Giants' tent and putting it away for the season. I hope not, but if it does, we go into September with a clearer idea of what we need to do (evaluate for next year). We still need to get better, and are in that process. Although I'll take MOC up on his offer.

Zo said...

Another thought. Giants' fans make an attempt to really boo Manny Ramirez, they really do. But is it really a productive effort? I overheard conversation about how Bonds got it much worse at Chavez Latrine. Maybe that is the mark of respect, maybe the mark of no-class fans down there. Maybe if we just ignore Manny. I don't mean to pitch to him like he doesn't matter, I mean treat him like just another pile of blue goo that is not worth getting upset JUST BECAUSE OF HIS PRESENCE over. I mean, is he really worth even one point in blood pressure over? Maybe if we all clear our minds and concentrate on our personal chi, he will just go away. These guys in the doggers' sort of washed out, muddy, smog-filled sky blue, they are all scumbags, so let's treat them all like they deserve, like something undesirable on the bottom of your shoe.

Bob said...

I think SFers would like Manny if he weren't in LA. He looks like a rasta/hippie and he helped humiliate the damn Yankees while with Boston.

Theo said...

I've given Manny the silent treatment ever since he became a Dodger. I can't boo someone I enjoy watching perform.

As for the Giants, is it time we move the goal line again? This season was about rebuilding, then we found ourselves in a race.

If the Giants are in it in September than it's a win win in my book. I just hope they end on an uptick.

Zo said...

Godfredaniels! There is an all-lunatic fringe outfield in there today! Schierholtz has already tripled (and failed to score). As I type this, Tim has thrown about half the pitches of Weaver.