Monday, August 31, 2009

In for a Penny . . .

in for a Ponson?


Sorry, had to make one of those penny-dreadful jokes.

It's official.

Hat tip to the Mystic One for the heads up this morning.

Speak, O My Brothers: will 6 starts from the new no. 5 be the difference-maker?

(I told myself I wouldn't hold his time in the LAtrine against him--I'm all about rehabilitation, man.)


Zo said...

What's the worst that can happen? He sucks, costs less than $100K and gets cut in time for Randy Johnson to come back and start. Too optimistic? (Johnson expects to be in the bullpen). Joe Martinez again then, with some more help from September call ups in the pen. It is the ultimate low risk move - any upside at all is huge.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I reckon that's true. Boston cuts two guys--Smoltz and Penny--because they have a surplus of starters, St. Louis picks up Smoltz and we grab Penny. It's worked for them, let's hope it works for us.

I want to see Buster.

Bob said...

This is potentially a very big deal, unless Penny has burnt out somehow and we don't know it yet. According to BCB Penny's curveball is the worst pitch in the majors. So this will be on the same team with the best pitch, Tim's changeup.
No Buster this year, although we will need another catcher. I guess Holm is out of options? I never understand that stuff.