Saturday, August 8, 2009

Loopy lefties

What is it with these guys? One week it's 3-2/3, 10 hits, 6 ER, another it's baseball history. Take this BZ fellow, one week it's 4-1/3, 10 hits, 9 ER, another it's "quality start." In fact, ol' no. 75 has made five starts (31 IP) and allowed a total of 9 runs since the aforementioned debacle. Hey, I'm not complaining, if our very own Jeff Spicoli wants to wear that jacket, he's going to have to keep pitching like this. Matt Cain gives up 4 runs and we get lamentations and gnashing of teeth; Tim Lincecum gives up 3 runs and we wear sackcloth and ashes. Da Beezy gives us a QS and we worship his calluses. Not that I'm complaining, like I said, it's just that we're grading on a curve here, you know what I mean? Another great day for Eugenio Velez--this guy is really lighting it up!


alouredux said...

We had Mark Cutback Davis!

I've never figured out who the David on the Dodgers who beat us in Neil Young's Bandit was.

Bob said...

(You lost me dude.)
We may have to accept that Velez is just that good.
As for BZ, we will BEGIN to absolve him if and when he wins multiple playoff games.

M.C. O'Connor said...

. . . You didn't bet on the Dodgers to beat the Giants

And David came up . . .

I wonder if it's the Biblical David, slayer of Goliath.

Here's a link. Note the Guinness he sips at the start of the song. He talks for about half of the 13 min. clip. (I didn't know the song before--I wonder if Ol' Neil is a Giants fan.)