Saturday, August 22, 2009

One 3-run HR beats four 2-run HRs

It's the mystical power of the Weaver Bomb that does it. Hit a 3-run HR, your odds of winning go off the chart. It almost doesn't matter what the other team does. That's as reasonable an explanation for tonight's game as any. Score 11 runs--with this offense--and lose. Of course, it wasn't like we threw our best arms at them, but fourteen runs? That 7-run 6th inning was a bad trip, and we just had to sit there and endure, there was no remedy for it.

We'll need Tim to be Tim tomorrow. Maybe Garko!Garko!Garko! can keep his power stroke going, too.


JC Parsons said...

Has anyone noticed how often the label "ugly" is used in our posts? Not a good sign.

I feel personally responsible for Merkin. Another talent that I put the kibosh on by predicting greatness. Damn, you would think I would learn the devasting power of my prognostications. Which reminds me...

I predict the Giants have a solid 8-2 victory today. Tim is superb: CG, 2 runs (tainted but earned), 8 hits (two doubles), 10 STRIKEOUTS and no walks. The O star is Rowand; 2 HRS, 5 RBI. Cool, huh? This was scientifically determined by using my MLB 2K game (the one with Tim on the cover). I controlled the Giants, of course...I'm not going to leave that kind of thing to random chance.

Bob said...

Just some Coors Field weirdness. Our #5 starter got beat and our middle relievers had an off day.
Bro, what the HELL are you doing? I don't care if you're predicting using the I Ching, you probably gave Tim the kiss of death. However, if you turn out to be right...

JC Parsons said...

What can I say? Tim makes me bold. Anyway, it was science! I was just reporting the data.

(hey MOC, have you played yet?)

JC Parsons said...

HEY BRO! Wasn't it your BIRTHDAY yesterday!?!?
Happy Happy Dude. Man, you are OLD! Way to go!!

Do you know how I remembered? I was looking at the media notes and it had a "This Day in Giants History" that detailed a dramatic walk-off homer by Robby Thompson in 1993!! Holy Shit! That was the one that hit your hands, right? Truly a great moment...although I guess it would have been better if you had CAUGHT IT. Just kidding.

Love ya Bro. You are the best. Hope you had a great day...Tim will get #13 for you! Oops, I did it again.

M.C. O'Connor said...

@ Bob

Happy Birthday!

@ JC

No. But soon.

JC Parsons said...

Duh, tomorrow (8/24) is the actual birthdate! So I didn't miss it...but I thought the Robby game was on your BD? 40th wasn't it?