Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two-thirds of the way

We've got SIXTY wins in 108 games played!

That's amazing--we are playing .556 ball. I never imagined it possible.

I watched all of Matt's vain attempt at number 13 on a big screen at Humboldt Brews. (Thanks, Loren!) Great night, disappointing game. Those balls are outs at home, and that cheesy-ass, dinky-shit yard ought to be bulldozed. Get a real stadium fer christ-fook's sake! That being said, Matt has to pitch for ground balls and strikeouts in those situations. Our park is more forgiving on the fly ball pitcher, especially with lefty hitters. He had the good stuff going, they just got the big hits they needed. "Sometimes, ya just haveta tip yer cap to 'em." Our hitters made me want to cry. But they made up for it! Saw part of Sanchez' game (the J-guy)--we are so much better when our southpaws win. Without Matt and Tim averaged in our other starters are pretty weak. If JSanchez can deliver more innings like that, we are good to go. That homerun Sandoval hit was barely above his shoelaces. I thought FSanchez had golfed one, then Pablo plays that damn cricket shot and I was just, well, agape. It was a spectacular piece of bad-ball hitting. Only a really great hitter can do that. Got to see Elijah bring the thunder yesterday morning. It was one of those no-doubters, the pitcher probably knew it the moment it left his hand. Eli sure knew. Man, that was a big, big hit. Just the kind of morale-crushing bomb it takes to win a getaway game. A great story with Joe Martinez, coming back from that terrifying injury. I expect to see all of our AAA starters get an audition here pretty soon. They've got a high bar right now, maybe they'll step it up and show us something, eh?

While in Arcata, we got to watch real live hardball right in town--the Humboldt Crabs of the WCL Tri-State League (collegiate players). Comfy ballypark, enthusiastic fans, great fun. Recommended for your next summer holiday in the Redwood Empire.


JC Parsons said...

Glad you are back and writing! Hopefully the Bro and I did OK but we both feel bad about not getting enough STATS and real analysis in the blog lately. So you may have to work hard to regather our sabermetric followers. Get cracking!
I leave for the coast today and may have a tough time seeing Tim tonight. Vacation hell. I'll try my best but if I don't post by 10am Sat assume I didn't get a chance.
In all the recent excitement we haven't mentioned Garko. He looked good, including hard hits off RHP. If we actually have a capable 1B that is a development of HUGE proportions. I think we all gave up even thinking we would get ANY production from the entire right side, I know I did.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I got yer back, bra.