Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Thirty-two walks issued by Giants pitchers in the series, although only the three in the 14th with a 3-run lead last night really mattered. Merkin Valdez had a series to forget--2/3 IP, 5 ER, walk-off slam--but he had company, Justin Miller's line was 7 ER and 2 losses in 2/3 IP. Now we can see why those two guys are the last ones out of the 'pen. I didn't expect much from Miller this season, and until his awful August he was a decent pickup. Valdez, on the other hand, I had high hopes for, especially after his impressive May, but 24 ER and 24 BB in 42 IP will not get you steady work in the bigs. I should be fairly sanguine after a 5-6 trip, but blowing two leads in Denver (and losing with Tim on the mound--even he had five walks) leaves me quite unsatisfied. We were very close to a split and very close to taking 3 of 4 from our main adversaries but could not pull it off. The white-hot Crockies are playing great baseball, and they took it to us. Sometimes you just have to accept that the other team is better.

It is a tall order for Matt Cain tonight at home--Dan Haren is one of the best (3.26 FIP, 7th in the NL; 4.6 WAR, 4th in the league). The Giants need a win and they need the bats to deliver some clutch hits. Bochy is saying all the right things, but a change in the team's fortunes will take more than talk.


Brother Bob said...

Mark, you're WAY too sanguine about this loss and this series. It was an abomination, a calamity, a monstrous failure.
"Oh well, they're just a better team than us." Bullshit!

Zo said...

As Mike Krukow stated last night, "Marquis throws eight pitches and he's out of the inning, Zito throws eight pitches and has a 2-2 count on the first batter." That, by the way, is not an indictment of Zito. In spite of the fact that I wish I would have gone to bed early and got the extra sleep, I feel for the team. They held the Rox to one run for a long time and then had to fly back to SF with their guts ripped out. If they can get it together and get a win for Cain tonight, I will have renewed respect.

JC Parsons said...

"Heart-breaking" does not really do justice to the situation. It will be fascinating to see how they respond. I think they believe more than we do, hence the "sanguine" attitudes that are so prevalent. ( I admit to some of the same feelings, too.) Even if we can't hold on to contention this year, you must admit this experience (even last night) will make us stronger for next year when it should get even more serious.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Uh-oh, you mentioned "next year."

It was an abominable loss, to be sure, but I do believe they are better than us. After all, they hit as well as pitch. We played 'em tough, but spunk and grit and gamerissitude don't count a much as we would like.