Saturday, September 19, 2009

Buster busts out!

I got to see the first major league hit by our new wunderkind, Gerald Demp "Buster" Posey, on the Fox broadcast today. He took one from Jeff Weaver the other way, poking a single to right in the top of the 9th. I got to watch him catch a couple of innings, too, and he looked nimble and quick. It was the highlight of the day for the hapless Gigantes, and I endured three hours of LAtriners pasting our pitchers all over the fookin' LAtrine before that. Penny's game score? 18. The relief corps made it worse, giving up SEVEN more runs in their 5-1/3 IP. Joe Martinez had a rough time, and it looked like he and Posey couldn't get on the same page. The 8th inning, though, featured a three-up three-down, two-strikeout performance by Madison Bumgarner. Jesus Guzman got a hit in Bumgarner's spot after Ryan Rohlinger's single to start the 9th. Buster's hit wasn't enough to get an RBI, and the game ended two batters later with those three stranded. Ol' Boch used 24 guys, and it was some consolation to see the youngsters get a few reps. The Big Unit defied the odds and returned to active duty after his shoulder injury. That guy is a gnarly mo-fo. I thought his career was over, but he came back to play. It was more like batting practice than live action, unfortunately, but I have to admire the man's determination to keep going. I hope he can give us a few good stretches in these last few weeks--Ol' Boch is sure to use him. The Franchise goes tomorrow, we won in extras the last time he pitched in LA. Our resident Timophile, JCP, described that May 10th outing by Lincecum as "capable, yet flawed" in his Errant Tim post. Southpaw Randy Wolf pitches for the bad guys, and apparently it's a head-scratcher for Ol' Boch as to who to put in the lineup. So many choices! I think the kids have shown they can deliver the goods, let's keep them out there.

Note: 1st inning HRs by Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki have the Crockies up 2-0 in AZ after two.

UPDATE: Crockies lead 5-3 after 7 innings. Don't look now: the FloMars have 80 wins, just like us.

UPDATE II: AZ made it 5-4 in the 8th but the Crockies broke it open in the 9th, 10-4 final. We return to 3-1/2 back.


Bob said...

This is the third time I can think of where Velez scored in the first inning and that was it for our offense. Probably meaningless but it seems weird.
MadBum and Buster worked together yesterday for the first time in the Bigs. Worked very well too. We have seen the future.
Cal's Jahvid Best may well be the Heisman front-runner after a third spectacular performance. All the nation's star quarterbacks had unremarkable games.
With USC's loss in Seattle, the Bears prospects for a BIG year look good. The USC game at Berkeley in 2 weeks should be HUGE.

M.C. O'Connor said...

In addition to the lousy game today, Giants fans have to brace themselves for a bit of a Twilight Zone nightmare:

Angel Villalona is a murder suspect.

There's piece on EXTRA BAGGS.

I got wind of this via McCovey Chronicles.