Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Barry Zito: better record than Tim Lincecum

That's right, folks, Barry Zito has MORE WINS than The Best Pitcher in the Universe, Tim Lincecum. And Mr. Zito's 1.49 ERA is lower than Mr. Lincecum's 1.70! The world has turned upside down, O My Brothers.

Another win on the road! SERGIO ROMO gets the nod for saving the game in the 8th: three-pitch strikeout of Hanley Ramirez, double-play grounder from Jorge Cantu. "That's big-league pitching" or some other Krukovian nugget seems appropriate here.

Matt Cain tomorrow.



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Bob said...

If only Zito had been half this good early in his time with the Giants...