Friday, May 21, 2010

No contest in the Coliseum

Trevor Cahill, Brad Ziegler, and Craig Breslow combined to shut down the Giants in Oakland tonight. The lads looked feeble against a 22-year old with just over 200 major-league innings under his belt, a 30-year old who spent six seasons in the minors, and a 29-year old journeyman who's been waived by two different clubs. I don't like to attach too much significance to a bad stretch, but with the Dodgers racing past us this week I can't help but get depressed about the sorry state of our lineup. The Giants are 9-10 in May, scoring only 74 runs in those 19 games, which is 3.89 runs per game. My friends, that is just not going to cut it in the big leagues. I know it is early in the season (tonight was the 41st game, or about one-quarter of the way), but we have got to get some fookin' goddamn hits and score some fookin' goddamn runs! It ain't fun watching a bunch of no-names in green socks slap us around!

Matt Cain pitches tomorrow, and he has the WORST RUN SUPPORT of any pitcher in the big leagues (with at least 80 starts*) since 2006. Shake it up and score for Cain, will ya?


*q.v. Baseball Musings


Bob said...

I didn't watch a lot of last night's game, but when I was watching I kept seeing good things from Freddy Sanchez. A good sharp single up the middle, a nifty tag avoidance sliding into 2nd, a well-executed bunt, and a slick toss to start a double play. You can tell he's a great instinctual ballplayer. We've never seen him at 100% yet. I think we're all going to be falling in love with him very soon.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'll give him his due, he is a good-looking ballplayer. "Does the little things" and all that.

I'm not sure "love" is the right word: 100% or not, he's 32 and his best year was 2006. Don't expect much from him beyond his career line of .299/.334/.417 (97 OPS+). Of course, that .751 OPS makes him the best hitter on the Giants not named Sandoval, and a slightly above average (currently .734) NL hitter overall. The Giants team OPS is .731, good for 10th place, so any improvement, even a tiny one, is welcome.

M.C. O'Connor said...

Correction: Huff career OPS .812, Rowand .786, DeRosa .760. so he's our 4th best guy with the stick.