Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How's 0-5 grab ya?

Matt Cain threw balls when he needed to throw strikes, and he threw strikes when he needed to throw balls. That's how you come away with an ugly 6-2/3 with 5 ER. Getting those 20 outs took 32 batters and 114 pitches. It was a painful slog for the Giants, who were outplayed on both sides of the ball by a crisp and competent club. (They "play a clean game" in Krukovian.) Clayton Richard made us look pretty feeble, and their bullpen shut us down again. The Padres ran wild--the book on the Giants must be "their pitchers can't hold runners." I'm really getting sick of losing to San Diego. They win with pitching and no offense, and they are doing it better than the Giants, who are supposed to be the team winning with pitching and no offense.

Jonathan Sanchez tomorrow afternoon.




Zo said...

I think that we have to consider the very real possibility that the Giants will be unable to beat the Padres this season - not so much as a single game. This is not unreasonable, considering that they play like absolute shit against them. For whatever reason, call it bad juju, the Boch effect, or simply a good old case of collective Giants mental blockheadedness. So, if we conjecture that it will take 90 wins to capture the division, and we assume 18 losses to the puds, that means we have to play ball at a .625 clip against the remaining clubs. So far, so good (we are 18 for 27 in non-pudre games). Over one third of our total losses are currently against one measly underpowered team. The good news: after May, we don't see these pathetic weasels until August. That's plenty of time for OTHER teams who play normal, competent baseball to beat them. I understand that the puds do the little things right. We do not. Nor, apparently do we do big or medium sized things correctly at least not against them. Well, I say, FUCK THAT.

Bob said...

According to my morning paper, Bud Black was astonished that Giants fans booed Eckstein, because he's such a nice guy, I suppose. Well I fucking hate Eckstein. And I hate him purely out of respect, because he fucking kills us, no matter which team he's with.

JC Parsons said...

You do realize that only ONCE has a team had a season sweep of another team in the history of the game (Atl over Colo in 1993? and it kept us out of the playoffs)?

The pudres have not been dominating the Giants, just beating them, often barely. Mostly this is because of unearthly relief pitching. (Have we scored against a non starter?)
They will be out of first in less than a month. Watch out for the doggers...they hit .500 and may never drop below again.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the only HR given up by Heath Bell was from Uribe and that tied up the game (too bad extra inning miracles happen). I too don't think we'll stay in this funk forever. Eventually, they're going to have to face Timmeh! The thing that I can say about the Padres success: they're so bad, they're good. They've got a lineup reminiscent of the Giants team of last year except for the fact that they have speed. I don't even care that we have no speed, at least have some power to make up for it. I'm tired of hearing/seeing soft groundouts every inning.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I take that back, the groundouts are an essential part of the Giants charm.