Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm With Him

The great Frank Deford is NOT a fan of batters who take lots of pitches.

Read this fine rant.

"Hitters who can take pitches and get walks now seem more valued than hitters who can actually ... hit. "


Zo said...

Or: "I'm 126 years old, don't have much time left and don't know what I'm talking about anyway."

Bob said...

Here's what a baseball nerd says:
"Ooh, good take!"

M.C. O'Connor said...

That piece reveals nothing but the ignorance of Mr. Deford. Clearly, he doesn't understand or appreciate baseball. I wish people who aren't fans of the game would stop talking about how to improve it.

I really hope your post was sardonic, BroB, because that guy is a dipshit.

If you look at players--throughout history--who "work the count," they are generally the best. Ted Williams' first rule was "get a good pitch to hit." People went to the park to see Williams play because he was so good. (Apparently Mr. Deford didn't.) In our own time, Barry Bonds was better than anyone you ever saw before and, quite possibly, better than anyone you will see in the rest of your life. He was a master of "working the count." Apparently his appeal as a hitter is lost on Mr. Deford. He could always stick to Bengie Molina, Aaron Rowand, and Pedro Feliz if he likes free-swinging hackers who are in a hurry to get their ABs over and done with.

Like all sports, baseball can use some occasional tweaking and adjusting, but it does not need pundits whining about how slow it is. It is a slow game, fer chrissakes. DUH!!! You like fast? Watch fucking hockey.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that Mr. Deford meant that walks are bad, it's just that, well, no one went to the ballpark to see Ted Williams take a walk. People want hits (dingers especially), not walk, walk, walk. I'm sure since walks are more rare for us Giants fans that we love them even more. But I understand what he means. Walks are good, they're just, boring in comparison to hits. They don't fire a team up the same way. I think hits hurt a pitcher more than walks do. No matter how good a walk is, they'll only guarantee you one base. A hit on the other hand can be anything. Most people choose to take the gamble and go for a hit. I don't think that most players aim for a walk each time they go up to plate (except you Nick Johnson).

Yankee games are pretty long but only because they don't mind getting walks and because their pitching is not nearly as efficient as the Giants. But I agree with you, walks are fundamental to baseball. I don't mind the length, just the costs to enjoy the game (and the fact that the team I most enjoy is on the other side of the country).

Personally, I like baseball the way it is right now. I've pretty much grown up with it being this way (though I recall more steroids). But please, no more free swingers. Pablo is not a free swinger, he's a bad ball hitter. He is 2nd for 0the team in walks the last time I checked.

(Aww, no Nate ze Great today)

Bob said...

Deford is one of the great sports writers of all time. Does he have an anti baseball bias? I don't know. But I'm pretty sure he was actually there when Tinkers, Evers and Chance were turning double plays.