Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pouncing on the minnows

You've got to take advantage of mismatches in this game, and the Giants certainly did that last night. William Jennings "Billy" Buckner is not having a good season (7.03 FIP), and appears to be a borderline ML-pitcher anyway (173 H, 24 HR, 54 BB in 138-1/3 IP). The 26-year old righty got clobbered for nine hits and seven runs in four innings of work. He did strike out Aaron Rowand twice, which only highlights our erstwhile center fielder's current struggles (.283 wOBA). I wonder if Rowand is experiencing some complications (vision?) from his head injury in April. A .230/.263/.401 line is so bad it is hard to believe he's simply slumping. His BABIP is 60 points below his career mark (.259 vs. .319), so maybe things will improve. Even after last night's impressive offensive outburst, this team still needs all of its hitters to contribute, so I certainly hope Rowand will resurrect his season. The D-Backs have the worst pitching in the majors this year (5.29 FIP), so we better feast on the damn minnows before we have to battle the sharks.

Everyone was excited by the presence of Buster Posey in the lineup, and he responded with a fine game, stroking three singles and driving in three runs. I don't like Posey at first base and Huff in left field, I think that is an idiotic solution. Bengie Molina is slumping badly (.203/.276/.290 in May), and it's time to give Posey a chance to catch our big boys. He's a freakin' catcher, fer chrissakes, let him put on the pads and mask! Why is this team so afraid of letting our best catching prospect ever play catcher? I can see giving any good-hitting catcher an occasional start at first to reduce the wear-and-tear on his body, but we have a three guys (Huff, Sandoval, Uribe) who can play first, and Huff is currently delivering the goods (.291/.372/.455), certainly better than many expected when he was signed. Then again, after we see Pat Burrell play LF, we might wish for Aubrey Huff.

But I don't want to rain on the parade with more bitching about our inscrutable GM. Great win following a great win, that's just what the team needed to get back on track. Let's hope we keep it rolling.




Bob said...

J Sanchez did a good job, finally getting abundant run support. But 103 pitches in only 5 innings is not what you want to see. Still, who cares when you're enjoying a blowout win.
F Sanchez is still hot. I'm not certain, but hasn't he only made one out in the last 3 games combined? That and great glove work up the middle.
Of course the big story is Posey. You've gotta love it so far. Seeing-eye ground ball singles aren't exactly the stuff of legend, but I suppose if you can do it often enough nobody is going to complain. I assume the long balls will come.

M.C. O'Connor said...

He seems like one of those guys who will develop into a power hitter. His rep is good plate discipline, good batting stroke, so I expect he'll be a percentage hitter who ultimately adds power to his game. At least I hope so. Did you know the Angels drafted him out of HS in 2005? Good thing he went to college, eh?

Anonymous said...

I know, I was surprised when I found out too. I'm glad that Timmeh didn't sign with the Cubs or Indians when they drafted him (and I'm really glad that the Mariners, his favorite team growing up, didn't draft him). Funny how the 3 teams that drafted him are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in current longest streak without a World Series. It's almost as if it were destiny for him to help out a team that needed a savior.

M.C. O'Connor said...

It is the Feast of the Holy Trinity today. They must mean Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, and Jonathan Sanchez.

BTW Roy Halladay's perfecto was a Game Score of 98.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I left poor Travis Ishikawa off my list of first basemen. Sheesh! Talk about a guy getting buried on the depth chart. Sure enough, he gets a clutch pinch-hit today.