Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sanchez Inning By Inning

1st inning- Sanchez begins with a sharp one-two-three inning, with a K and two grounders. He threw only 8 pitches, none of them called a ball.

2nd inning- Tulowitsky opens with a single but Sanchez bears down and notches a hard-won K to end the inning. Krukow declares he has that "good stuff" today.

3rd inning- Fowler gets a one out single. Sanchez does a good job throwing over to 1st repeatedly to keep him close. With 2 outs, Whiteside nails Fowler "caught stealing," partial credit to the pitcher.

4th inning- An UGLY inning. Sanchez thinks he has Gonzalez struck out and shows some bad body language to "show up" the ump. The next pitch is lined off his foot and he makes a weak effort to field it. E-1. Fortunately the next guy grounds into a DP or it could have been worse. Then Sanchez hits Giambi with a pitch. He ignores him so Giambi steals 2nd. Boo. Then the wheels come off altogether, he walks the next 3 batters to force in a run. All without giving up a hit. Sanchez threw 32 pitches this inning.

5th inning- The first two batters make outs but then Gonzalez walks and Tulowitsky singles. Out come Bochy, Sanchez is done.

4.2 innings, 94 pitches, 3 hits, 4K, 5BB

Medders comes in and is inadequate. Three runs are scored.

It probably didn't help that the Giants were hitless up to this point.


M.C. O'Connor said...

There didn't seem to be any reason to put in Medders at the time. He has not been effective this season (14 H, 8-1/3 IP). Sanchez was laboring, but he would likely have conjured up another out to end the inning.

M.C. O'Connor said...

I'm glad they are using Wellemeyer today and skipping his turn so Tim can pitch Tuesday.

Gotta give a Krukovian "good call" to Ol' Boch for that.

Anonymous said...

The rocks discovered how to beat paper? Scissors has something to do with this I just know it.

Bob said...

It was a great if not glorious home stand. We took all 3 series against tough opponents. Naturally it's a little frustrating to have so many chances for sweeps and to fall short.
Timmy Time Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I like how today there's really no single person to blame for the loss. JSanchez kept getting early strikes and outs but ultimately could not finish up innings as the game progressed. Medders didn't need to give up those 3 runs. The whole lineup (outside of Matt Downs and later Aubrey) really didn't give any support. Collectively they'll have to regroup against the Fish.

Anonymous said...

Sanchez did us all a favor. He gave Bochy no option but to play Wellemeyer today. Now, Timmy pitches a game earlier and instead of two consecutive losses, we are only guaranteed one. Just looking on the bright side. One stinker out of three all year is just fine.

Ohmnifarious said...

very frustrating that Bochy could've allowed Sanchez to finish the 5th, with lefty Giambi up. But of course, he went with Medders, and "inadequate" is a really really really nice way of saying he ate it up big time.

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