Monday, May 3, 2010

Winning on the road

We send the Big Three after the FloMars this week: Tim Lincecum faces Anibal Sanchez, Barry Zito gets Nate Robertson, and Matt Cain matches up with Ricky Nolasco. We miss ace Josh Johnson who got the win over the Nationals on Sunday. We all know the Giants pitching has been outstanding, but the Marlins 3.83 team FIP is nothing to sneeze at (6th in the league). With the bats, however, they are 9th in wOBA, showing even worse OBA and SLG than the Giants, which is hard to believe. At 13-12 they match their "expected W-L" exactly. Shortstop Hanley Ramirez is the big star, at only 26 years old he has four full big-league seasons on the back of his bubble-gum card, with a line of .316/.387/.530! Wow, can you imagine a bat like that in our lineup? What a 1-2 punch with Sandoval that would make.

The Giants need to prove they can win on the road against a decent team. It was a great homestand, winning 6 of 9 from three excellent ballclubs, but the bad taste of the sweep in SD is still lingering. The pitching matchups look good, of course, we know we can pitch against anyone. But the bats need to step up! Getting one hit off a rookie on Sunday was very discouraging.

Work will keep me late this week and I'm going to miss a fair bit of these East coast broadcasts (4:10 PM PDT start times).




Anonymous said...

We'll fill you in M.C.

Scott said...

I hope with Tim, Barry, and Matt going we can take 2 maybe 3 if the bounces all go our way (not likely florida has never been good to us) in Maimi and that the team can get 1 maybe 2 wins in NY.

A .500 wast coast road trip would be nice anything more is just icing on the cake.