Monday, July 19, 2010

50 years ago today

THT writer Chris Jaffe sent me a note about Juan Marichal's debut--it was 50 years ago today, July 19th! It is, of course, one of those bits of Giants lore all good orange & black fans know about. I thought with MadBum going tonight it might be a good thing to channel some of the Dominican Dandy's mojo. Check out Chris' piece here. It is the highest Game Score in a debut performance (2-hit shutout, 12 K) in baseball history.

You can check out the box score here. Only 13,279 were in attendance at the 'Stick. That would have been a big crowd back in those lean 70s seasons, eh?




Brother Bob said...

Marichal was the best pitcher to never win a Cy Young Award (they started giving them out in '56). The only other serious contender for this distinction is Nolan Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Ah but Nolan was very dominant and pitched forever so it's very close, but, if I had a game that I needed to win, I'd probably go for Juan.