Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bengie Hits for Cycle in Fenway

Y'know, good riddance and all, but the guy has lots of ... likability. And although Buster Posey is probably destined for Cooperstown, I wish Bengie well.

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BOSTON -- Nothing about Friday's game against the Red Sox was conventional for Bengie Molina.

Notorious as one of the slower players in the Major Leagues, that didn't stop the Rangers catcher from hitting for the cycle.

Collecting a single in the second inning, a double in the fourth, a grand slam in the fifth and a triple in the eighth, Molina became the first catcher since Chad Moeller on April 27, 2004, to hit for the cycle.

"He had a [great] game," third baseman Michael Young said. "Our guys were in shock. We tried to map out what he could do to get a triple.

"Bengie is a really great big league player, and unfortunately, people seem to dwell on his lack of speed. Everyone in the big leagues has a weakness, and that just happens to be his. He hustles all of the time, and he deserved it and had a [great] game. It is one of the best games of his career."

The Texas catcher did have some luck on his side, when he hit a double in the fourth off the glove of right fielder J.D. Drew and a triple in the eighth off the glove of center fielder Eric Patterson.

As Molina chugged around second and into third for that elusive triple in his last at-bat of the night, his teammates were yelling from the dugout to go three.

"Bengie's triple really only would have happened at Fenway; any other ballpark it really doesn't have time to rattle around out there, because it is so big," Young said. "It was fun to watch."


M.C. O'Connor said...

Things that are highly improbable:

BenMo hits a triple, let alone a double.

The NL wins the All-Star Game.

Barry Zito pitches like a Cy Young winnier.

Oh, wait . . .

Brother Bob said...

I probably should have mentioned that this was a total copy-and-paste and given credit, but does anyone care?

M.C. O'Connor said...

I do.

You have to give people credit for their work. We learned that shit in elementary school, fer chrissakes. Just because you CAN copy something without attribution doesn't mean you SHOULD. Provide a link. Mark the passage as a quote. List the source.

JC Parsons said...

Hey Bro: See what happens when you post nice things about get severely scolded.
No more talk of Molina, rinse it clean and bask in the Posey!
BTW I'm happy with good riddance, not really noble enuf to "wish him well"...don't want him dead in anything other than a baseball sense.

Brother Bob said...

You're right, oh MC Blogmeister. I have corrected my mistake. Can you forgive me?
It took me a while to find the right article. There's LOTS being written about Molina's feat. (I finally just pasted the whole first sentence into the search box. Bingo.)

M.C. O'Connor said...

Thank you.