Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last night for the heck of it I went to a River Cats game and the starting pitcher turned out to be Boof Bonser. Bonser had an outstanding performance in the River Cats' 7-1 win. He retired the first 11 men he faced and had a no-hitter going into the 6th. In the 8th he gave up a run on back-to-back well-hit balls, and was taken out of the game.

Giants fans remember him as part of the infamous deal for AJ Pierzynski in '03.

Bonser made his ML debut in May '06 and was AL Rookie of the Month in September of that year. He made one start in the post season, a no decision in a loss to the As.

He needed shoulder surgery in Feb. '09 and missed all of last season. He became a free agent and was signed earlier this month by the As.

His ML record is 18-25 with a 5.19 ERA.


Anonymous (not the usual Anonymous) said...

You have broken one cardinal rule of the innernet thingy. That is, you must not put a certain player's name in print. There is a price to be paid, and the forces that be will extract it. It may be that you will be rendered unable to post. It may be that Brian Sabean will trade a valuable pitcher for some "hitter" who doesn't. It may be that the entire US economy could collapse (wait, that almost already happened). Maybe something worse. I leave it to the administrator of this blog to discipline you as he sees fit. In the future, you must use some acronym, such as A.J. Pieceofshitski, or A.J.G.I.D.P. Pizzinski, or simpy Satan, if you mention he-who-must-not-be-named at all. You have been warned.

Anonymous said...

I feel honored.